Zeta functions, introduction to algebraic geometry

This year's four articles address topics ranging from the nature of the substructure of the nucleon and the deuteron to the general properties of the nucleus, including its phase transitions and its rich and unexpected quantal properties. They review the ...

نویسندهA.D. Thomas
Zen Meditation in Psychotherapy: Techniques for Clinical Practice

Quindicenne alle prese con improvvisi scoppi d'ira, la voglia di cambiare il mondo e le prime, cocenti, passioni amorose, Harry Potter sta per tornare alla Scuola di Alta Stregoneria di Hogwarts, dove frequenterà il quinto anno. Già infastidito dalle ...

نویسندهC. Alexander Simpkins, Annellen M. Simpkins
Zeta functions of groups and rings

The ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter superfamily contains membrane proteins that translocate a wide variety of substrates across extra- and intracellular membranes, including metabolic products, lipids and sterols, and drugs. Overexpression of certa ...

نویسندهMarcus du Sautoy, Luke Woodward (auth.)
Zeta regularization techniques with applications

Every year businesses spend billions of dollars combating the overwhelming amount of junk email their employees receive. With the Anti-Spam Toolkit, systems administrators have at their fingertips the tools they need to significantly reduce junk email. Th ...

نویسندهE. Elizalde, S. D. Odintsov, A. Romeo, Andrei A. Bytsen...

C++ For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-Oriented Programming takes a refreshing and sometimes controversial approach to the complex topic of object-oriented programming and the C++ language. Intended as both a classroom and refer C ...

نویسندهRichardson, El-Sonbaty.

Updated for the Latest CCNA ExamHere's the book you need to prepare for Cisco's revised CCNA exam, 640-801. This new edition of the best-selling CCNA Study Guide provides:* In-depth coverage of every CCNA exam objective* Practical information on Cisco int ...

نویسندهVan der Hoeven.
Zero structure theorem for exp-polynomials

Containing 277 business case studies that illustrate nearly every aspect of Excel, this book presents real-life business problems and works them through to their solutions. In addition to exemplary solutions, each case analysis considers alternate approac ...

نویسندهRichardson D.

This comprehensive reference provides a detailed overview of intrusion detection systems (IDS) offering the latest technology in information protection. Introducing network administrators to the problem of intrusion detection, it includes the principles o ...

Zeros of orthogonal polynomials and special functions. JSC2003

Step-by-step instructions for creating VBA macrosHarness the power of VBA and create custom Excel applicationsMake Excel 2007 work for you! This clear, nonintimidating guide shows you how to use VBA to create Excel apps that look and work the way you want ...

نویسندهGil, Segura.
Zeros of complex polynomials

"Groovy in Action" is a comprehensive guide to the brand-new Groovy programming language, its libraries, and everyday use. Groovy brings to Java many of the features that have made Ruby popular. Groovy in Action introduces Java developers to the new dynam ...

نویسندهJenkins, Traub.

Groovy Programming: An Introduction for Java DevelopersKenneth Barclay and John Savage"For a book targeting those new to scripting, OO or dynamic languages in general, this book is fabulous!"- Andrew Glover, President, Stelligent IncorporatedGroovy is a u ...

نویسندهJenkins, Traub.
Zeros of a real polynomial

GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) provides a service to more than 500 million users throughout 168 countries worldwide. It is the world market leader serving 69 0f all mobile digital users and is currently evolving into UMTS (Universal Mobile T ...

Zeros of complex polynomials by bisection

Modify gameplay, add textures, and integrate amazing effectsDevelop intense environments, then share your design with players online How cool would it be to build your own levels and customized weapons for Half-Life 2? This book will get you ready to mod ...


The Linux Networking-HOWTO details important networking issues when using the popular Linux operating system. Linux Networking-HOWTO includes:* informative background material for newcomers* a generic discussion of networking issues* technology-specific i ...

نویسندهFlajolet, Vardi.

There is a great deal of change happening in the technology being used for local networks. As Web intranets have driven bandwidth needs through the ceiling, inexpensive Ethernet NICs and switches have come into the market. As a result, many network profes ...

Zeta function at rational arguments

Learn 14 ways in which you can help make the Internet a safer place for you and your family. This guide, written by a leading child safety expert, offers families practical advice for avoiding risks on the Internet Learn 14 ways in which you can help ...

نویسندهKanemitsu et al.

This book presents some of the most recent research results in the area of machine learning and robot perception. The chapters represent new ways of solving real-world problems. The book covers topics such as intelligent object detection, foveated vision ...

Zermelo Fraenkel Set Theory 001

If youre looking for an easy way to learn javascript and want to start creating interactive Web pages right away, this is the resource you need. The hands-on approach and step-by-step instructions guide you through the basics of this leading Web developme ...

Zope Bible

نویسندهMichael Bernstein, Scott Robertson

Geophysical techniques can map the underground conditions apart from boreholes. The use of these methods for hydrogeological applications is demonstrated for mapping of porous aquifers, mapping of structural aquifers, determintation of groundwater quality ...

نویسندهStephen A. Miller, John P. Harley