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La Construccion De La Realidad Social  (Paidos Basica)

All the helpful details and useful advice of Back to Basics and Homesteading—now with projects and tips geared toward families.Now, more than ever, people across the country are turning toward simpler, greener, and quieter ways of living—whether they’re u ...

نویسندهJohn R. Searle
La Nueva Criminologia: Contribución a Una Teoría Social de La Conducta Desviada

Bedford/St. Martin's joins Dallas TeleLearning at the LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications to offer a complete distance learning package that includes Dallas TeleLearning’s highly praised video lessons; the text of The American Promise, Fourth ...

نویسندهI. Taylor, P. Walton, J. Young
Mil máquinas. Breve filosofía de las máquinas como movimiento social (spanish edition)

Lightspeed (www.lightspeedmagazine.com) is the critically-acclaimed, online science fiction magazine edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams. Lightspeed publishes all types of science fiction, from near-future, sociological soft sf, to far-fut ...

نویسندهGerald Raunig
Colonialidad del Saber: Eurocentrismo y Ciencias Sociales: Perspectivas Latinoamericanas

Mathematics and Topology of Fullerenes presents a comprehensive overview of scientific and technical innovations in theoretical and experimental studies. Topics included in this multi-author volume include: Clar structures for conjugated nanostructures; c ...

نویسندهEdgardo Lander
Pena y Estructura Social

CONVERSACI?N Y REPASO, Tenth Edition, is part of a three-volume INTERMEDIATE SPANISH series that gives you a thorough review of grammatical structures and helps you communicate with confidence in Spanish. You'll quickly learn to use and develop reading, w ...

نویسندهGeorg Rusche; Otto Kirchheimer
La Educación Social (Spanish Edition)

Learn to design more effective and sophisticated business reportsWhile most users of SQL Server Reporting Services are now comfortable designing and building simple reports, business today demands increasingly complex reporting. In this book, top Reportin ...

نویسندهConstancio Mínguez Álvarez
La ruta crítica de las mujeres afectadas por la violencia intrafamiliar en América Latina

Unlike other books on educational drama, Educational Drama and Language Arts focuses on its effects. It is the first comprehensive overview of the major research in the field, offering illuminating descriptions of classroom drama in action. In this book, ...

نویسندهOrganización Panamericana de la Salud
Razon Y Revolucion: Hegel Y El Surgimiento De La Teoria Social (El Libro De Bolsillo)

From left-wing 9/11 conspiracy theorists to right-wing Obama-hating "birthers"—a sobering, eyewitness look at how America's marketplace of ideas is fracturing into a multitude of tiny, radicalized boutiques—each peddling its own brand of paranoia Throu ...

نویسندهHerbert Marcuse
El desarrollo futuro de America Latina. Neoliberalismo, clases sociales y transnacionalismo

Expert advice to help you work smarter and increase your productivity with Visual Studio.Take a detailed look into Visual Studio—and learn practical techniques to help you work more efficiently. This fully revised and expanded version of Visual Studio Tip ...

نویسندهAlejandro Portes
La Construccion Social de La Realidad

With so many great figures shaping its history, Dorset could have nothing but an impressive story. From eminent leaders like Alfred the Great and Charles II to notable writers such as Wordsworth and Barnes, the people as well as the events and landmarks o ...

نویسندهLuckmann Berger
El contrato social (Clasicos de la literatura series) (Spanish Edition)

The first edition of this book was published in the early 50s. The author moved to Manaus in 1951, when the cit y lived isolated from the world and was immersed in the Amazon Rain Forest… When the author went there, the cycle of wealth brought about th ...

نویسندهJean-Jacques Rousseau
Las relaciones humanas. Psicologia social teorica y aplicada

Named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2001 by Choice! "Why turn to the past when attempting to build nursing's future?...To make good decisions in planning nursing's future in the context of our complex health care system, nurses must know the h ...

نویسندهAnastasio Ovejero Bernal
Matematicas Aplicadas a las Ciencias Sociales  Spanish

A new poetry collection by Canberra poet, Lizz Murphy. Share in Lizz Murphy's experiences on the shop floor, her frustrations with today's supermarket society, her perspectives on advertising and take a nostalgic trip back to the days of the corner shop. ...

نویسندهJose M? Rosell Tous
La vida en medieria : mecanismos de reclutamiento social de los mapuches

Deep in the heart of seventh-century Arabia, a new prophet named Muhammad has arisen. As his message of enlightenment sweeps through Arabia and unifies the warring tribes, his young wife Aisha recounts Muhammad's astonishing transformation from prophet to ...

نویسندهMilan Stuchlik ; traduccion de Fresia Salinas con la co...
Aspectos sociales y fiscales en las minas romanas del Alto Guadalquivir

In Sub-Saharan Africa, ineffective rural transport services present a major obstacle to economic and social development. Deciding who owns the roads, who finances the maintenance, and who manages them is a fundamental requirement. This volume proposes a f ...

نویسندهLuis Arboledas Martinez
Desde Hegel: para una critica radical de las ciencias sociales

Mabel Dodge Luhan, hostess and visionary, made Taos, New Mexico, a center for artists and utopians when she moved there in 1917 and began inviting friends to visit her. Now available in paperback, Utopian Vistas is a chronicle of the house Luhan built in ...

نویسندهCarlos Perez Soto
Participacion Social y Politica de Los Jovenes En El Horizonte del Nuevo Siglo (Jurisprudencia Tematica Procesal)

This study examines classic modern texts - elements of a 'visionary' poetology -, which on the one hand connect with an idealistic poetics of memory, and on the other create a new tradition. Rilke's and Benjamin's poetics of memory together with Musil's c ...

نویسندهSergio Balardini
Movimientos Sociales y Conflicto En America Latina (Spanish Edition)

This volume presents a multidisciplinary synthesis of the literature in olfactory and gustatory cognition. Leading experts have written chapters on many facets of taste and smell, including odor memory, cortical representations, psychophysics and function ...

نویسندهJose Seoane
Resistencia y revolucion durante la Guerra de la Independencia : del levantamiento patriotico a la soberania nacional (Volume 70 of Ciencias sociales)

This year's winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Maurice Manning's Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions. These compelling poems take us on a wild ride through the life of a man-child in the rural South. Presenting a cast of allegorical, y ...

نویسندهRichard Hocquellet ; traduccion de Daniel Gascon
Introduccion a la metodologia de las ciencias juridicas y sociales

The first stage in the determination of a crystal structure is the measurement of the intensities of the Bragg reflexions. This book is concerned with counter-methods of measuring these intensities. The use of counter methods has spread rapidly in recent ...

نویسندهCarlos E. Alchourron y Eugenio Bulygin