La Divina Comedia (Literatura Medieval) Spanish

Начальный курс теории струн Бартона Цвибаха уникален по стилю и форме изложения. Он позволит начинающим исследователям избежать чувства подавленности и отчаяния, которые нередко сопутствуют штудированию традиционных фолиантов, - ведь далеко не секрет, что ...

نویسندهDante Alighieri
Historia de la Lógica Formal

Седьмой том `Всемирной истории` рассказывает о становлении и распространении двух величайших мировых религий - христианства и ислама. Седьмой том `Всемирной истории` рассказывает о становлении и распространении двух величайших мировых религий - христи ...

نویسندهJózef M. Bochenski. Edición española de Millán Bravo Lo...
Lacan: Esbozo de una Vida, Historia de un Sistema de Pensamiento

In both form and content, Wim Wenders’s films create a cinema of wandering, tracing a route of intersections between the modern and postmodern visual landscape. The space of the world, its deserted horizons and populated streets, are a kind of visual arch ...

نویسندهElisabeth Roudinesco
Renovacion del Hombre y de la Cultura: Cinco Ensayos (Aufsätze und Vorträge 1922-1937, Husserliana XXVII)

Modern logistics comprises operative logistics, analytical logistics and management of logistic networks. Central task of operative logistics is the efficient supply of required goods at the right place within the right time. Tasks of analytical logistics ...

نویسندهEdmund Husserl
Paraguay: resultados de las reformas (2003-2005) y sus perspectivas. (Serie: Informes y estudios especiales Nro. 18.)

This book is a peer-reviewed collection of papers, modified and extended for the purpose of this publication, but originally presented at the International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering 2008 and 2009 (ENASE 2008 / 20 ...

نویسندهDionisio Borda
Martin Heidegger   Karl Jaspers Correspondencia (1920 - 1963)

The present work provides a concise grammatical description of Even, one of the Tungusic languages of Siberia. This grammatical sketch differs from the previous works on Even grammar in that 1) it is confined to synchronic description, 2) it foregrounds t ...

نویسندهWalter Biemel, Hans Saner (eds.); Juán José García Norr...
Pensamiento político de la emancipación (1790-1825), II

Why have sexual and family norms of American society changed so dramatically in the last few decades? Lionel Tiger presents a unique perspective, offering arresting evidence that the real issue is reproduction, a biological process. He argues that the spr ...

نویسندهJosé Luis Romero y Luis Alberto Romero
La Verdadera Historia Del Club Bilderberg the True History of Club Bilderberg

A Co-Publication of Routledge for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) In recent years there has been increased interest in the nature and role of proof in mathematics education; with many mathematics educators advocating that proof sho ...

نویسندهDaniel Estulin
Historias de la historia

Microbiologists, medical mycologists, immunologists, and biochemists are increasingly working together to focus on the processes involved in the progression and treatment of fungal disease. Host-Fungus Interactions: Methods and Protocols is designed for r ...

نویسندهCarlos Fisas
Paramilitares y autodefensas, 1982-2003

Electron energy loss spectroscopy has become an indispensable tool in surface analysis. Although the basic physics of this technique is well understood, instrument design has previously largely been left to intuition. This book is the first to provide a c ...

نویسندهMauricio Romero
El Delfin: Historia De Un Soñador

The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, which was unknown to the Western world until its first publication in 1954, speaks to the quintessence of the Supreme Path, or Mah=ay=ana, and fully reveals the yogic method of attaining Enlightenment. Such attain ...

نویسندهSergio Bambaren
CHEVROLET PICK-UP, 1988-1998 (SPANISH) (Haynes En Espanol)

The 13 contributions of this collective offer new and challenging ways of reading well-known and more neglected texts on akrasia (lack of control, or weakness of will) in Greek philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, Plotinus). The 13 cont ...

Utopismo socialista (1830-1893)

Thoroughly revised and updated, this self-contained textbook provides a pedagogical introduction to relativity. It covers the most important features of special as well as general relativity, and considers more difficult topics, such as charged pole-dipol ...

نویسندهCarlos M. Rama
Historia Dé La Iglesia. 1. Edad Antigua

For close to a decade, author Carol Simpson fielded and answered inquiries for the "Copyright Questions of the Month" column for Library Media Connection. The questions and answers of this book are gleaned from the myriad copyright questions submitted to ...

نویسندهJesús , (C. M. F. ) Álvarez Gómez
Discursos emocionales y experiencias de la política: las FARC y las AUC en los procesos de negociación del conflicto (1998-2005)

During fiscal 2003-05, World Bank lending and administrative budgets to fragile states amounted to $4.1 billion and $161 million, respectively. IEG's report assesses the effectiveness of this Bank support. The report finds that the Bank and the donor ...

نویسندهIngrid Johanna Bolívar R.
Arqueología, Biblia, Historia

Get expert advice on the GRE revised General Test from the test makers themselves! Get ready for the new test debuting in August 2011! The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test with CD-ROM comes straight from Educational Testing Service (ETS)-- ...

نویسندهJacques Briend, Olivier Artus, Damien Noël; Pedro Barra...
La Espana Armonica (Coleccion Historia Biblioteca Nueva) (Spanish Edition)

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series  Rick Riordan, triple-crown winner of the Edgar, Anthony, and Shamus Awards, brings his fast-talking, hard-living, Texas-hip P.I. Tres Navarre to the heart of the ...

نویسندهGonzalo Capellan De Miguel
La historia del loco

"Stalin's last generation" was the last generation to come of age under Stalin, yet it was also the first generation to be socialized in the post-war period. Its young members grew up in a world that still carried many of the hallmarks of the Soviet Union ...

نویسندهJohn Katzenbach
Así vivían los romanos (Biblioteca Básica de Historia (Vida Cotidiana))  Spanish

Over the past few years, many fundamental changes have occurred in data communications and networking that will shape the future for decades to come.Updated with the latest advances in the field, Jerry FitzGerald and Alan Dennis' 10th Edition of Business ...

نویسندهEspinós P María D. Sánchez M. Vilar
Globalizacion e historia  Globalization and History: La evolucion de una economia atlantica del siglo XIX  the Evolution of a Nineteenth-century Atlantic ... Sociales  Social Sciences) (Spanish Edition)

You probably haven’t ever noticed them. But they’ve noticed you. They notice everything. That’s their job. Sitting quietly in a nondescript car outside a bank making note of the tellers’ work habits, the positions of the security guards. Lagging a few car ...

نویسندهKevin H. O'Rourke, Jeffrey G. Williamson