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Principios / Aplicaciones de la Interpretación de Registros

Introducción a la ciencia del suelo

نویسندهDaniel Francisco Jaramillo Jaramillo
Las deformaciones de los materiales de la corteza terrestre

Arquitectura En Tierra Cruda  Crude Earth Architecture (Spanish Edition)

Titles are: Love Gives Love Takes * Hopelessly Addicted * Paddy McCarthy * Intimacy * Queen of Hollywood * No Good for Me * Little Wing * Only When I Sleep * When He's Not Around * Dreams * What Can I Do * I Never Loved You Anyway * So Young * Don't Say Y ...

نویسندهRuben Chiappero, Maria Supisiche
Isis Y Osiris   Isis & Osiris: Hasta El Fin Del Mundo   To the Ends of the Earth (Mitos Y Leyendas En Vinetas   Graphic Myths and Legends) (Spanish Edition)

Clinical Nutrition for Oncology Patients provides clinicians with the information they need to help cancer survivors and patients make informed choices about their nutrition and improve their short-term and long-term health. This comprehensive resource ou ...

نویسندهJeff Limke
De la tierra a la luna  From the Earth to the Moon (Clasicos De La Literatura Latinoamericana Carrascalejo De La Jara)

Alva No? is one of a new breed—part philosopher, part cognitive scientist, part neuroscientist—who are radically altering the study of consciousness by asking difficult questions and pointing out obvious flaws in the current science. In Out of Our Heads, ...

نویسندهJules Verne
Geologia Argentina

Northern Arcadia is a comparative study of the accounts of foreign visitors to the Nordic lands during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.Before the late eighteenth century, few foreigners ventured as far as Scandinavia. The region seemed ...

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