Dile adiós a tus temores (How to Overcome Fear): Como vencer los miedos y vivir completamente feliz

Schwab's work is five-part analysis of US policy and strategy in the Persian Gulf from 1990-2003. He begins the work by analyzing the prominence of the Persian Gulf in US global strategic thinking during the last decade of the Cold War. By that time, gul ...

نویسندهMarcos Witt
Peligro de Gol - Estudios Sobre DePorte y Sociedad (Coleccion Grupos de Trabajo de Clacso) (Spanish Edition)

Computer science and physics have been closely linked since the birth of modern computing. In recent years, an interdisciplinary area has blossomed at the junction of these fields, connecting insights from statistical physics with basic computational cha ...

نویسندهPablo Alabarces
Modernitas : estudios en homenaje al profesor Baudilio Barreiro Mallón

August Mobius was one of the 19th century's most influential mathematicians and astronomers. Written by six distinguished contributors, this book explores the work of Mobius and his brilliant German contemporaries. The work emphasizes those achievements ...

نویسندهManuel-Reyes García Hurtado
Álgebra para nivel medio superior (guía para el estudiante)  Spanish

Учебник для медсестёр. This comprehensive reference takes the Incredibly Easy approach to one of the most demanding and complex areas of nursing. Covering all aspects of critical care and updated to reflect current evidence-based nursing practice, this n ...

نویسندهAcademia Institucional de Matemáticas
La Imagen-tiempo: Estudios sobre cine 2 (Comunicacion) (Spanish Edition)

Христианский пост многократно и многообразно подвергался нападениям и нареканиям со стороны плотских людей. Нападения эти становятся тем ожесточеннее, чем более в известное время люди ходят по плоти и заботятся об угождении ей. В такие времена господства ...

نویسندهGilles Deleuze
Teoria de la narrativa: Una Introduccion a La Narratologia (Critica y Estudios Literarios)

The innovation economy sets new standards for global business and requires efficient innovation management to plan, execute and evaluate innovation activities, establish innovative capability and coordinate resources and capacities for innovation on an in ...

نویسندهMieke Bal
Manual Oxford de Medicina Deportiva

Whether you want to crack the code of Northern California's legendary wild-trout waters, learn the best floats on the Sac, or fish for steelhead, stripers and shad on the American River, this guide is the best place to start for a successful fishing trip. ...

نویسندهE. Sherry S. Wilson
prendizaje permanente en la economía global del conocimiento: desafíos para los países en desarrollo.  Lifelong learning in the global knowledge economy: challenges for developing countries

In Russian history, the twentieth century was an era of unprecedented, radical transformations - changes in social systems, political regimes, and economic structures. A number of distinctive literary schools emerged, each with their own voice, specific a ...

نویسندهWorld Bank
Estudios de Parentesco

The practice of supplementing direct fed microbial and prebiotic additives to domestic animals during growth is becoming more widespread in food animal production. Beneficial effects particularly in cattle, pigs and poultry, including improved general hea ...

نویسندهIra Buchler
Derecho constitucional latinoamericano (Serie B--Estudios comparativos) Spanish

SUMMARY: During his lifetime, Keith Haring's spontaneous, archetypal creations won both a street audience and the respect of the art establishment. Kept from his teens until his death from AIDS in 1990, these illuminating journals reveal Haring's consciou ...

نویسندهHumberto Quiroga Lavie
Estudios de Etnometodología

Learn the tricks of the trade so you can build and architect applications that scale quickly--without all the high-priced headaches and service-level agreements associated with enterprise app servers and proprietary programming and database products. Cull ...

نویسندهHarold Garfinkel
Los Retos Teoricos de los Estudios del Trabajo Hacia el Siglo XXI (Coleccion Grupos de Trabajo de Clacso) (Spanish Edition)

Lula Bird is gorgeous, funny and dreading her birthday because you can't turn 16 if you've never been kissed . . . so why does every boy in Hambledon run a mile the second she bats her eyelids? The fact is, they fear for their lives. Rumour has it Lula's ...

نویسندهEnrique de La Garza
NVMISMA. Revista de estudios numismáticos, año 47, n.º 239 (1997)

In HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers, two pioneering web developers provide a comprehensive guide to HTML5’s powerful new elements and techniques through compact, practical, easy-to-understand examples. You’ll discover just how much you can do with HTML ...

Habitos y Tecnicas de Estudio para Posgrado en Derecho

In this expanded and revised edition of a fresh and original case-study textbook on environmental ethics, Christine Gudorf and James Huchingson continue to explore the line that separates the current state of the environment from what it should be in the ...

نویسندهInstituto de Estudios Superiores en Derecho Penal
El ente y su ser: Un estudio logico-metafisico (Spanish Edition)

Connected Services is a must-read for telco strategists who need to get up to speed on how the world of software and the web 2. 0 works.  Andreas Constantinou, Research Director, VisionMobile"This book is a must read for those charged with leading innovat ...

نویسندهLorenzo Pena
Introduccion a los Estudios Culturales

As the need to confront unplanned growth increases, planners, policymakers, and citizens are scrambling for practical tools and examples of successful and workable approaches. Growth management initiatives are underway in the U.S. at all levels, but many ...

نویسندهArmand Mattelart y Erik Neveu
Sin garantias: Trayectorias y problematicas en estudios culturales

The book is a comparative analysis of all the major social science/political science grand theories.  It focuses on developmentalism, dependency theory, the world systems approach, Marxism, institutionalism, rational choice, psychoanalysis, political soci ...

نویسندهStuart Hall, Eduardo Restrepo, Catherine Walsh, Victor ...
El genero en disputa: El feminismo y la subversion de la identidad (Studio)

Written with the same brilliance and boldness that made Buddhism Without Beliefs a classic in its field, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist is Stephen Batchelor’s account of his journey through Buddhism, which culminates in a groundbreaking new portrait of ...

نویسندهJudith Butler
Buscar la paz en medio del conflicto, un proposito que no da tregua: Un estudio de las iniciativas de paz en Colombia (desde los anos 90 hasta hoy)

Artificial Mythologies was first published in 1997. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.Cultural cri ...

نویسندهAngelika Rettberg
La mesa compartida: Estudios del Nuevo Testamento desde las ciencias sociales

Изображения: черно-белые рисунки, фотоPrzy autostradzie prowadz#261;cej z podmoskiewskiego lotniska Szere-mietiewo do centrum stolicy Zwi#261;zku Radzieckiego wznosi si#281; monumentalny pomnik stanowi#261;cy symbol bohaterskiej obrony Moskwy w 1941 r. P ...

نویسندهRafael Aguirre