Scritti minori su religione marxismo e psicoanalisi

Through a fresh, imaginative format—prefaces and afterwords that sketch the character of the poet, that provide insight into how he writes and what inspires him—Richard Thomas has cap­tured in this book of his own poems the flavor and excitement of a poet ...

نویسندهErnesto De Martino
Inchiesta sul cristianesimo. Come si costruisce una religione

Azariah Smith's journal is one of only two eyewitness accounts of the discovery of gold by James Marshall at Sutter's Fort on January 24, 1848. Introduced and annotated by western historian David L. Bigler, Smith's journal is a compelling account of an av ...

نویسندهCorrado Augias, Remo Cacitti
Il Vangelo secondo la scienza: Le religioni alla prova del nove

Phenomenal progress has been made in our understanding of the several and diverse ways in which micronutrients alter or regulate the functioning of plants and produce a wide array of responses enabling quantitative and qualitative changes in plant yield. ...

نویسندهPiergiorgio Odifreddi