Neuroscienze dell’attività motoria: Verso un sistema cognitivo-motorio

In Cities, the acclaimed historian John Reader takes us on a journey of the city—from its earliest example in the Ancient Near East to today’s teeming centers of compressed existence, such as Mumbai and Tokyo. Cities are home to half the planet’s populati ...

نویسندهLaura Mandolesi (auth.)
Malattia di Parkinson e parkinsonismi: La prospettiva delle neuroscienze cognitive

The Public Policy Process is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the process by which public policy is made. It provides a stimulating and accessible read that clarifies the complexities and diversities of a difficult subject. A fundamental ...

نویسندهAlberto Costa, Carlo Caltagirone (auth.)
Il Neuroleso Grave: Aspetti Clinico-Assistenziali e Organizzativi

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s New Source Review (NSR) programs are designed to help ensure that the construction or modification of factories, electric-generating facilities and other large stationary sources of pollutants will meet emissions ...

نویسندهV. Scuderi, M. Menarini (auth.), Sergio Pintaudi, Lucia...
Scegliere, comprare: Dinamiche di acquisto in psicologia e neuroscienze

Any parent who has raised more than one child is likely to be keenly aware of subtle or even striking differences among their offspring. The central premise of this volume is that children bring personal qualities to their relationships with other family ...

نویسندهMichela Balconi, Alessandro Antonietti (auth.)