Linguaggio e sordità: Gesti, segni e parole nello sviluppo e neIl'educazione

نویسندهMaria Cristina Caselli, Simonetta Maragna, Virginia Vol...
L'evoluzione dell'insegnante di sostegno

نویسندهDario Ianes
L'evoluzione dell'insegnante di sostegno

نویسندهDario Ianes (auth.)
Linguaggio e sordità

نویسندهMaria Cristina Caselli (auth.), Simonetta Maragna (auth...
L’imperatore Anastasio I (491-518). Studio sulla sua vita, la sua opera e la sua personalità (Orientalia Christiana Analecta 184)

Watt tells the tale of Mr Knott's servant and his attempts to get to know his master. Watt's mistake is to derive the essence of his master from the accidentals of his being, and his painstakingly logical attempts to 'know' ultimately consign him to the a ...

نویسندهCarmelo Capizzi
Giovanni Battista nelle tradizioni sinottiche (Studi biblici) (Italian Edition)

A biographical study of Kafka containing readings of all his major works - "Metamorphosis", "The Trial", "America" and "The Castle". A biographical study of Kafka containing readings of all his major works - "Metamorphosis", "The Trial", "America" and ...

نویسندهEdmondo Lupieri
I Manipolatori della pazzia. Studio comparato dell'Inquisizione e del Movimento per la salute mentale in America

Options-based “synthetic annuities” give investors the ability to generate higher returns, provide better downside protection, and utilize risk more efficiently than pure stock and bond-based portfolios. Now, this strategy’s creator shows exactly how to u ...

نویسندهSzasz, Thomas S.
L'animale parlante. Introduzione allo studio del linguaggio

A complete update to the popular Autodesk Official Training Guide for MayaMaya is the industry-leading 3D animation and effects software used in movies, visual effects, games, cartoons, and other animation. This bestselling, official guide is a must for 3 ...

نویسندهDonna J. Napoli Marina Nespor
Incontri tra culture nell'Oriente ellenistico e romano: Atti del Convegno di studi, Ravenna, 11-12 marzo 2005

This title examines the emergence of the first modern tank, the Renault FT. It is a little known fact that France fielded more tanks in World War I than any other army. However, Frances early tanks suffered from poor mobility and armor compared to their c ...

نویسندهa cura di Tommaso Gnoli e Federicomaria Muccioli.
La filosofia di Marx. Studi critici

نویسندهGiovanni Gentile
La Variazione semantica del verbo «essere» nell'italiano parlato. Uno studio su «corpus»

We live in the age of a new scientific revolution, one as sweeping and profound as that launched by Copernicus, one that continues to unfold. Beginning at the turn of the century, with the discovery of relativity and quantum mechanics, this second revolut ...

نویسندهAlessandro Panunzi
Scale per chitarra. Metodologia dello studio (Guitar Method)

Ever since the ancient Greeks, financial innovation has enabled more people to purchase homes. Today is no different: in fact, responsible financial innovation is now the best tool available for "rebooting" crippled housing markets, improving their effici ...

نویسندهLeo Brouwer & Paolo Paolini
Viaggio e politica. 5ª Giornata di studio «Figure dello spazio, politica e società» (Firenze, 23-24 febbraio 2006)

A sequel to one of Lessing's most celebrated novels, 'The Fifth Child'. Many will recall the powerful impact 'The Fifth Child', Doris Lessing's 1988 novel, made on publication. Its account of idyllic marital and parental bliss irredeemably shattered by t ...

نویسندهSara Lagi Lea Campos Boralevi
Nuovo avviamento agli studi di filologia italiana

This five-volume series covers the entire range of technologies used in the petroleum refining industry. The books are intended for students and for the engineers and technicians who operate in refineriesIn addition to the detailed description of the conv ...

نویسندهAlfredo Stussi.
L'italiano regionale: Atti del XVIII Congresso internazionale di studi, Padova-Vicenza, 14-16 settembre 1984

This book provides a comprehensive survey of Hegel's philosophical thought via a systematic exploration of over 100 key terms, from `absolute' to `will'. By exploring both the etymological background of such terms and Hegel's particular use of them, Micha ...

نویسندهSocieta di linguistica italiana
La preghiera di Elia in Giacomo 5,17-18: studio della tradizione biblica e giudaica

Everything you need to know about the Empire and Rebel Alliance from the classic Star Wars universe can be found in this one sourcebook -- from weapon and ship statistics to information on non-player characters. Han Solo, the Death Stars, TIE interceptors ...

نویسندهGiovanni Claudio Bottini
Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Bononiensis: Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies Bologna 26 August to 1 September 1979 (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies)

Band 1 der vierb?ndigen Lehrbuchreihe behandelt die Statik. Ziel ist es, das Verst?ndnis der wesentlichen Grundgesetze zu vermitteln und bei Lesern die F?higkeit zu entwickeln, Ingenieurprobleme zu formulieren und selbst?ndig zu l?sen. Der Stoff orientier ...

نویسندهRichard J. Schoeck (ed.)
Protocolli di studio in TC spirale multistrato: Vol. 4 · Neuro

With a dynamic learn-by-doing focus, this laboratory manual encourages students to explore data structures by implementing them, a process through which students discover how data structures work and how they can be applied. With a dynamic learn-by-d ...

نویسندهAlessandro Bozzao (auth.)
e-Learning: Nuovi strumenti per insegnare, apprendere, comunicare online

Is this profound new work, Thomas McFaul examines the interwoven concepts of truth and freedom in the context of the Modernist movement that has fundamentally reshaped our world. McFaul's thesis? Societies that make truth and freedom their signature value ...

نویسندهSilvia Selvaggi, Gennaro Sicignano, Enrico Vollono, E. ...