نویسندهGiovanni Boccia Artieri, Alessio Ceccherelli
La comunicazione radiologica: Dalle basi al referto multimediale

Modern Biogeochemistry is aimed to generalize modern ideas of biogeochemical developments during the last decades. It is designed to support a general course in biogeochemistry, and as such, is likely to have a broad market among the many universities and ...

نویسندهFrancesco Schiavon, Riccardo Berletti
La TC multidetettore nella diagnostica cardiovascolare: Opera multimediale di aggiornamento e formazione sulla cardio-TC (Italian Edition)

The Culture of Japan as Seen through Its Leisure brings together scholars of various disciplines from around the globe to discuss different forms of leisure activities in past and present Japan, thus enriching our knowledge of Japanese culture. Arranged i ...

نویسندهRossella Fattori