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Rete padrona - Il volto oscuro della rivoluzione digitale

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United business of Benetton. Sviluppo insostenibile dal Veneto alla Patagonia

Easy-to-master techniques for more effective communications in all areas of life In this breakthrough guide, communication guru Meryl Runion explains why effective communication is more than just a business tool. It is also the key to happier, healthie ...

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SMEs in Mexico: Issues and Policies

Методические указания составлены в соответствии с учебным планом специальности 061100 ''Менеджмент организации'' и соответствуют требованиям Государственного образовательного стандарта. Предназначены для проведения практических занятий по дисциплине ''Ист ...

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With Each chapter written by a nationally renowned experts in the field, this is a remarkable resource for any practitioner caring for children. Applying the spirit of Integrative Practice, the merit of a complementary therapy is explored in addition to ...