Le Testament des Trois Marie - Trois femmes... trois initiations

Historians commonly agree that the understanding of the Bible as a supernatural text conveying both spiritual and historical truths came under devastating assaults from the natural sciences and German historical critics in the 1800s. According to this acc ...

نویسندهDaniel Meurois-Givaudan
Cours de calcul tensoriel appliqué (Géométrie différentielle absolue)

The defining calamity of the post-cold war era', in Peter Oborne's words, took place in 2003. The invasion of Iraq led to the collapse of the state system in the Middle East. Iraq is shattered, Syria will never be put back together again, and Lebanon hasn ...

نویسندهD.Denis-Papin, A.Kaufmann
Guide des 4000 médicaments utiles, inutiles ou dangereux

This manual provides guidance for municipal water resources managers on developing a citywide or regional water conservation plan. The manual describes goal setting, water use analysis, potential savings, costs and benefits, conservation techniques and ra ...

نویسندهBernard Debré, Philippe Even
De Diophante a Fermat

Hilbert's talk at the second International Congress of 1900 in Paris marked the beginning of a new era in the calculus of variations. A development began which, within a few decades, brought tremendous success, highlighted by the 1929 theorem of Ljusterni ...

نویسندهHouzel C.
Fermat enfin demontre

This edited volume addresses the importance of mathematics for industry and society by presenting highlights from contract research at the Department of Applied Mathematics at SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia.Examples r ...

نویسندهHellegouarch Y.
Panorama 4 de la langue française: Méthode de français

Based on a course given at Oxford over many years, this book is a short and concise exposition of the central ideas of general relativity. Although the original audience was made up of mathematics students, the focus is on the chain of reasoning that lead ...

نویسندهGirardet J.
La Pratique de la Correspondance

The book gives a streamlined and systematic introduction to strongly continuous semigroups of bounded linear operators on Banach space. It treats the fundamental Hille-Yosida generation theorem as well as perturbation and approximation theorems for genera ...

نویسندهGhislaine A.
Précis des oeuvres mathématiques

In this volume the author further develops his philosophy of quantum interpolation between the real numbers and the p-adic numbers. The p-adic numbers contain the p-adic integers Zpwhich are the inverse limit of the finite rings Z/pn. This gives rise to a ...

نویسندهFermat P.
Les algèbres d'opérateurs dans l'espace hilbertien (Algèbres de von Neumann)

Nesterov (Center of Operations Research and Econometrics, Universitè Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) explains the main ideas of complexity theory for convex optimization, covering optimal methods and lower complexity bounds for smooth and non-smooth conve ...

نویسندهDixmier J.
La grammaire pour tous

Proof theory has long been established as a basic discipline of mathematical logic. It has recently become increasingly relevant to computer science. The - ductive apparatus provided by proof theory has proved useful for metatheoretical purposes as well a ...

نویسندهde Bescherelle
Reperes Pratiques: Precis De Francais - Langue Et Litterature

Приводятся сведения по проверке, наладке, испытаниям и включению в работу устройств релейной защнты. Первое издание справочника вышло в 1979 r. Во втором издании материал значительно обновлен и расширен за счет новых устройств, в том числе с полупроводник ...

نویسندهBourdereau F., Fozza J.-C., Giovacchini M.D.
La grammaire française

This book is aimed squarely at IT developers. It is not a replacement for the documentation or tutorials that ship with Flex. Instead, this book is a practical course that takes you into the world of real-life RIA applications. After a brief introduction ...

نویسندهReperes pratiques
Demain le travail

Computer software reliability has never been more important. Today, computers are employed in areas as diverse as air traffic control, nuclear reactors, aircraft, real-time military, industrial process control, security system control, biometric scan-syst ...

نویسندهBakonyi M., Bresso M., Moeschler P.