Éthique et nanotechnologies : se donner les moyens d’agir Review **Amazon Best of the Month, April 2009:** In 1966, a mid-air collision off the coast of Spain between a fueling tanker and a B2 bomber resulted in a loss of life, strained international relations, and a PR nightmare for the US governme ...

نویسندهCommission de l’éthique de la science et de la technolo...
Les nanoparticules : Un enjeu majeur pour la santé au travail ?

In this perennial bestseller, Seth challenges our assumptions about the nature of reality. He explains how the conscious mind directs unconscious activity and has at its command all the powers of the inner self. Included are excellent exercises for applyi ...

نویسندهBenoît Hervé-Bazin, Collectif
Les zeolithes, un nanomonde au service de la catalyse

Since its first volume in 1960, Advances in Computers has presented detailed coverage of innovations in hardware and software and in computer theory, design, and applications. It has also provided contributorswith a medium in which they can examine their ...

نویسندهMichel Guisnet, Fernando Ramoa Ribeiro

This rigorous explanation of plasmas is relevant to diverse plasma applications such as controlled fusion, astrophysical plasmas, solar physics, magnetospheric plasmas, and plasma thrusters. More thorough than previous texts, it exploits new powerful math ...

نویسندهChristian Joachim
Micro et nano-electronique: Bases, composants, circuits

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless, ADHOC-NOW 2003, held in Montreal, Canada in October 2003.The 23 revised full papers and 4 revised short papers presented were carefully ...

نویسندهFanet H.