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Communication progressive du Francais. Niveau intermediaire. Corriges

The focus of Richard Rubinger's study of Japanese literacy is the least-studied (yet overwhelming majority) of the premodern population: the rural farming class. In this book-length historical exploration of the topic, the first in any language, R ...

نویسندهHeinz-Günter Vester

I was interested in finding out more about theonomy, being somewhat inclined that way based on my own study and understanding of the Word of God, & I found this book to be a very readable book making the case for the continuing validity of God's commands ...

نویسندهAlan Chamberlain, Rosse Steele
La communication orale

Optical stellar interferometry has entered a new growth era and its use has improved the capabilities well beyond those of traditional telescopes. This is the first book to be written on the subject. Building on a basic knowledge of physical optics, the a ...

نویسندهCharles R., Williame C.
Le français de la communication professionnelle

В книге доктора экономических наук О. А. Платонова раскрываются ранее неизвестные страницы истории русской экономики, которая в течение многих столетий рассматривалась как умение вести хозяйство для обеспечения достатка и изобилия на духовно-нравственных ...