L’intelligence émotionnelle: Accepter ses émotions pour développer une intelligence nouvelle

نویسندهDaniel Goleman
Par le bout du nez : La psychologie de l’enfant-roi

نویسندهGilbert Richer
Le groupe en psychologie clinique

نویسندهPhilippe Robert
Les comportements dans le domaine de la santé : comprendre pour mieux intervenir

نویسندهGodin, Gaston
La santé psycho-spirituelle ; deviens qui tu es

نویسندهMarcel Mercier
Cultiver la joie.

نویسندهDurel, Alain
Agir contre le harcèlement moral au travail: Pour en finir avec les idées reçues

نویسندهElisabeth Grebot
Maman est un oiseau

نویسندهBrient, Leïla; Loyer, Anne
Savoir désapprendre pour réussir : notre quotidien décrypté

نویسندهBarth, Isabelle
Trois mécanismes de défense

نویسندهSigmund Freud
L'approche systemique de la gestion des ressources humaines : Le contrat psychologique des relations d'emploi dans les administrations publiques du XXIe siecle

نویسندهLouise Lemire, Gaetan Martel
Psychologie des foules

This book shows how a group of primary schools transformed their learning and teaching and  how the focus on learning led to significant improvements. This book shows how a group of primary schools transformed their learning and teaching and  how the ...

نویسندهGustave Le Bon
Transurfing, modèle quantique de développement personnel, tome 1: L'espace des variantes

نویسندهVadim Zeland, Olivier Masselot, Tanya Sakovich
L'art d'etre heureux

Scientific advances and economic forces have converged to create something unthinkable for much of human history: a robust market in human body products. Every year, countless Americans supply blood, sperm, and breast milk to “banks” that store these prod ...

نویسندهArthur Schopenhauer
Faites vous-même votre malheur

Sub-Saharan Africa is at the centre of the debate about development. However, much of the argument is based on very poor data, so that we actually know very little. Much of what is presented is based on extrapolation from World Bank data on economic growt ...

نویسندهPaul Watzlawick
Transurfing, modèle quantique de développement personnel, tome 2: Le bruissement des étoile du matin

نویسندهVadim Zeland
Transurfing, modèle quantique de développement personnel, tome 3: En avant dans le passé

نویسندهVadim Zeland, Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur, Marina Hyjek, Ol...
Abus de faiblesse et autres manipulations

Robust and Adaptive Control shows the reader how to produce consistent and accurate controllers that operate in the presence of uncertainties and unforeseen events. Driven by aerospace applications the focus of the book is primarily on continuous-dynamica ...

نویسندهMarie-France Hirigoyen
Oeuvre psychiatrique, Vol.1

The delicate balance between toleration and repulsion of the Jews, a tiny minority living within the Christian world, stands at the center of studies of religion and society. The development of this difficult relationship on many levels, theological, inst ...

نویسندهGaëtan Gatian de Clérambault, Jean Fretet (ed.)
Les grands concepts de la psychologie clinique

Thinking methods are at the heart of the chess struggle, yet most players devote little conscious effort to improving their calculating ability. Much of the previous literature on the subject has presented idealized models that have limited relevance to t ...

نویسندهFrançois Marty, Catherine Azoulay, Annie Birraux, Thier...