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La Guitare pour les nuls (djvu + mp3)

نویسندهMark Phillips, Jon Chappell
La vie musicale chez les Agni-n'dénéan (région est de la Côte d’Ivoire)

This pioneering study examines the use of blood to purge the effects of sin and impurity in Hittite and biblical ritual. The idea that blood atones for sins holds a prominent place in both Jewish and Christian traditions. The author traces this notion bac ...

نویسندهAKA Konin
The Big Book of French Songs: Popular Songs, Movie Hits, Musical Theatre Songs, Folksongs (Piano Vocal Guitar Songbook)

The Greeks have long been regarded as innovators across a wide range of fields in literature, culture, philosophy, politics and science. However, little attention has been paid to how they thought and felt about novelty and innovation itself, and to relat ...

نویسندهHal Leonard Corp.
A l'Aube du Dernier Jour (Guitar Score)

Examined within their economic, cultural, and political context, the work of women Maghrebi filmmakers forms a cohesive body of work. Florence Martin examines the intersections of nation and gender in seven films, showing how directors turn around the pol ...

نویسندهFrancis Kleynjans
Suite Retratos pour deux guitares (Guitar Score)

A complete basic undergraduate-level course in modern optics for students in physics, technology and engineering. The first half deals with classical physical optics; the second, the quantum nature of light. Many applications of the laser to optics are in ...

نویسندهRadames Gnatalli
Astuces de la guitare manouche

In recent years, conceptual metonymy has been recognized as a cognitive phenomenon that is as fundamental as metaphor for reasoning and the construction of meaning. The thoroughly revised chapters in the present volume originated as presentations in a wor ...

نویسندهAngelo Debarre, Samy Daussat
Etudes simples pour guitare. 1ere serie (No. 1 a 5)

The growing power being exercised by today’s consumer is causing significant paradigm shifts away from traditional marketing. This is leading to a whole new take on the structure and functioning of supply chain management (SCM). It’s no longer so much abo ...

نویسندهLeo Brouwer
François Couperin and 'the perfection of music'

Предназначена для студентов специальностей: "Экономическая кибернетика", "Прикладная экономика", других специальностей, а также для широкого круга интересующихся читателей.Доп. информация: Является разделом "Конспекта лекций по специальности "Прикладная ...

نویسندهDavid Tunley