Textile Fertigungsverfahren - Eine Einführung

نویسندهThomas Gries, Dieter Veit, Burkhard Wulfhorst
Thermodynamische Berechnungen mit MATLAB – Entwicklung einer Programmsammlung

نویسندهOlaf Klein
Verallgemeinerte Netzwerke in der Mechatronik

نویسندهJörg Grabow
Substation Automation Handbook

Chef Rob Rainford takes grilling to a whole new level--with over 100 recipes and 20 complete menus, all designed for your backyard barbeque. For Rob, grilling is about entertaining. It's about gathering friends and family together and spending time cookin ...

نویسندهKlaus P Brand, Volker Lohmann, Wolfgang Wimmer, Klaus P...
Techniksoziologie - Genese, Gestaltung und Steuerung sozio-technischer Systeme

نویسندهJohannes Weyer
Systemgestaltung im Broadcast Engineering: Prozessorientierter Modellierungsansatz für die Konzeption integrierter, automatisierter Fernsehproduktionssysteme

"The spirit of poverty is one of the most powerful and deadly strongholds Satan uses to keep the world in bondage. Every church and every believer must fight and overcome this enemy in order to w "The spirit of poverty is one of the most powerful ...

نویسندهChristoph Kloth
eOrganisation: Service, Prozess-, Market-Engineering: eOrganisation: Bd 1   German

نویسندهAndreas Oberweis, Christof Weinhardt, Henner Gimpel
Sound-Engineering im Automobilbereich: Methoden zur Messung und Auswertung von Geräuschen und Schwingungen

The French cooking of everyday life is lighthearted, accessible, and suited to modern tastes. Whether it's getting weeknight dinners on the table fairly fast (Basil Beef, Rhubarb Chops, or Carrot Juice Chicken) or leisurely cooking for dining at a slightl ...

نویسندهKlaus Genuit
Grundkurs Software-Engineering mit UML: Der pragmatische Weg zu erfolgreichen Softwareprojekten, 2. Auflage

Nonlinearity, Complexity and Randomness in Economics presents a variety of papers by leading economists, scientists, and philosophers who focus on different aspects of nonlinearity, complexity and randomness, and their implications for economics. A theme ...

نویسندهStephan Kleuker
Business Engineering in der Praxis (Business Engineering)   German

A highly original and intelligent investigation of the novel from celebrated writer and “gentle genius” E. M. Forster   E. M. Forster’s renowned guide to writing sparkles with wit and insight for contemporary writers and readers. With lively language and ...

نویسندهUlrike Baumöl, Hubert Österle, Robert Winter
Usability-Engineering in der Medizintechnik: Grundlagen - Methoden - Beispiele

This book investigates how a user or observer can influence the behavior of systems mathematically and computationally. A thorough mathematical analysis of controllability problems is combined with a detailed investigation of methods used to solve them nu ...

نویسندهClaus Backhaus (auth.)
Technologiemanagement: Handbuch Produktion und Management 2

Ancient sport made a huge if indirect contribution to the literature of ancient Greece, since some sixty poems by Pindar and Bacchylides ("epinikian odes"), written to commemorate victories, survive from the Classical period. This book is a collection of ...

نویسندهGünther Schuh (auth.), Günther Schuh, Sascha Klappert (...
Technische Verbrennung: Verbrennungstechnik, Verbrennungsmodellierung, Emissionen

It has been argued that Kant's all-consuming efforts to place autonomy at the center of philosophy has had, in the long-run, the unintended effect of leading to the widespread discrediting of philosophy and of undermining the notion of autonomy itself. T ...

نویسندهFranz Joos
Best Practice Software-Engineering: Eine praxiserprobte Zusammenstellung von komponentenorientierten Konzepten, Methoden und Werkzeugen

More and more information, audio and video but also a range of other information type, is generated, processed and used by machines today, even though the end user may be a human. The result over the past 15 years has been a substantial increase in the ty ...

نویسندهAlexander Schatten, Stefan Biffl, Markus Demolsky, Erik...
Elektronische Beschaffung: Stand und Entwicklungstendenzen (Business Engineering)

The most non-trivial of the established microscopic theories of physics is QCD: the theory of the strong interaction. A critical link between theory and experiment is provided by the methods of perturbative QCD, notably the well-known factorization theore ...

نویسندهWalter Brenner, Roland Wenger
Engineering-Dienstleistungen und Mitbestimmung: Mitbestimmungspolitische Konsequenzen des Outsourcing in der Automobilentwicklung

A detailed study of the political organization in an important area of Tanzania shortly before Independence. Unyamwezi covers 35,000 square miles and has a population of 400,000. Dr Abrahams outlines the social and economic framework and examines the orig ...

نویسندهTabea Bromberg
Technik der Tiefe

Highlighting visions of a bygone age preserved in the background of Harold Lloyd's films, this history explores the urban landscapes of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New York--popular settings for his films--through archival photographs, vintage maps, and s ...

نویسندهEmo Descovich
Technologiefrühaufklärung in Netzwerken

The eagerly awaited third Romantic Suspense novel in Dee Lloyd's Dangerous Waters series... Headstrong Kit Schofield, convinced the hit and run that almost killed her was a random act of violence, heads north to her family resort at Spirit Lake. Lifelo ...

نویسندهChristian Mieke
Photovoltaik Engineering: Handbuch für Planung, Entwicklung und Anwendung

Sofia Kovalevskaya was a brilliant and determined young Russian woman of the 19th century who wanted to become a mathematician and who succeeded, in often difficult circumstances, in becoming arguably the first woman to have a professional university care ...

نویسندهAndreas Wagner (auth.)
Service Engineering: Entwicklung und Gestaltung innovativer Dienstleistungen, 2.Auflage

For the first time Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles are available in the United States in quality paperback editions.The first book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles, Game of Kings takes place in 1547. Scotland has been humiliated by an English invasion and i ...

نویسندهHans-Jörg Bullinger, August-Wilhelm Scheer, K. Schneide...