Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie

To truly understand how the Internet and Web are organized and function requires knowledge of mathematics and computation theory. Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundations of the Internet introduces the concepts and methods upon which computer networks rel ...

نویسندهHans-Ulrich Wittchen, Jurgen Hoyer
Anwendungsfelder der medizinischen Psychologie

The U.S. Army's Special Immunizations Program is an important component of an overall biosafety program for laboratory workers at risk of exposure to hazardous pathogens. The program provides immunizations to scientists, laboratory technicians and other s ...

نویسندهFriedrich Balck
Diskriminierung und Toleranz: Psychologische Grundlagen und Anwendungsperspektiven

The field of food colloids is concerned with the structural and dynamic aspects of multi-phase food systems - dispersions, emulsions, foams, gels - viewed from a physical chemistry perspective as assemblies of molecules and particles in various states o ...

نویسندهAndreas Beelmann, Kai J. Jonas
Grundlegung der Psychologie

How do we place value on goods--and, importantly, why? Valuation and pricing are core issues in the market economy, but understanding of these concepts and their interrelation is weak. In response, The Worth of Goods takes a sociological approach to the p ...

نویسندهKlaus Holzkamp
Behandlungsleitlinie Storungen der sexuellen Praferenz: Diagnose, Therapie und Prognose

The book reveals how the Global Credit Bubble and Bust of 2003-10 stemmed from giant monetary disequilibrium created by the Federal Reserve. Almost continually that institution has pursued flawed monetary practice and principle which has mutated into Bern ...

نویسندهW. Gaebel, P. Falkai

A fresh guide to classical music from the acclaimed creator of NPR's "What Makes It Great"™Rob Kapilow has been helping audiences hear more in great music for two decades with his What Makes It Great? series on NPR's Performance Today, at Lincoln Center, ...

نویسندهKlaus Moser
Psychotherapie in der Psychiatrie: Welche Störung behandelt man wie?

For 12 years Dale Goldhawk journeyed through the streets of Canada and into the hearts of thousands of Canadians. Written in Goldhawk's punchy, to-the-point style, this book links his life as a journalist and advocate with those who were his clients. For ...

نویسندهVolker Arolt, Anette Kersting
Entwicklungspsychologie des Kindes- und Jugendalters fur Bachelor

Students and math professors looking for a calculus resource that sparks curiosity and engages them will appreciate this new book. Through demonstration and exercises, it shows them how to read equations. It uses a blend of traditional and reform emphases ...

نویسندهArnold Lohaus, Marc Vierhaus, Asja Maass
Die Massenpsychologie der Finanzmarktkrise: US-Immobilienblase, Subprime Desaster, Schulden-Bubble und ihre Auswirkungen (German Edition)

Using a real world examples, Andy walks the reader through the creation of an image using the smudge brush, and clip art. Creating Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics, Second Edition is a well written, comprehensive guide to not only Paint Shop Pro 5 but to web g ...

نویسندهThomas Fenzl
Bildende Kunst und Literatur

Шар - одна из самых традиционных форм. В книге представлено 500 изящных изделий из дерева.The bowl is one of the most traditional forms, but contemporary artists who work in wood understand that it has tremendous potential. These 500 exquisite examples, m ...

نویسندهSigmund Freud
Angewandte Psychologie fur die Personalentwicklung: Konzepte und Methoden fur Bildungsmanagement, betriebliche Aus- und Weiterbildung

Градация базовых конструкций мужской и женской одежды разработаны на основе:ОСТ 17-326-81.Изделия швейные, трикотажные, меховые. Типовые фигуры женщин. Размерные признаки для проектирования одежды.ОСТ 17-325-86. Изделия швейные, трикотажные, меховые. Типо ...

نویسندهChristoph Negri
Psychologie der Akkulturation: Neufassung eines Forschungsbereiches

В этой книге вы найдете описание того, как в случае возникновения проблем восстановить файлы с жесткого диска и флешки, заполучить обратно удаленные фотографии с цифрового фотоаппарата, прочитать и «вынуть» данные с «плохих» CD и DVD, восстановить/отремон ...

نویسندهAndreas Zick
Persönlichkeitspsychologie - für Bachelor

200 лет назад Русская Православная Церковь объявила его «антихристом» и предала анафеме. До сих пор его проклинают как «самого страшного врага» Российской державы. Нам со школьной скамьи внушают, что нашествие Наполеона поставило нашу страну на грань ката ...

نویسندهJens Asendorpf
Storytelling: Eine narrative Managementmethode (Arbeits- und organisationspsychologische Techniken) (German Edition)

Шиншилл разводят в неволе уже около 80 лет, а спрос на самих животных и на их мех во всем мире по-прежнему очень высок. Совсем недавно и в России отдельные энтузиасты начали осваивать эту отрасль звероводства - появляются первые любительские питомники и н ...

نویسندهKarin Thier
Psychologische Begutachtung im Strafverfahren: Indikationen, Methoden, Qualitatsstandards

Written in 1936, Sergei Prokofiev's symphonic fairy tale for narrator and orchestra has enchanted generations of children. This inviting picture book introduces a new generation of youngsters to the exciting story of the hungry wolf, the ill-fated duck, t ...

نویسندهHans-Ludwig Krober, Max Steller
Psychologie, 2. Auflage

This volume of collected essays by some of the most prominent academics studying anarchism bridges the gap between anarchist activism on the streets and anarchist theory in the academy. Focusing on anarchist theory, pedagogy, methodologies, praxis, and th ...

نویسندهDavid G. Myers
Medikamentös induzierte neurologische und psychiatrische Störungen

Life is hard--for everyone. No matter how gifted or fortunate, everyone will experience some level of disappointment in life: difficult classes, jobs, relationships, and losses. But by following basic disciplines anyone can experience accomplishment, free ...

نویسندهFrank Block, Christian Prüter
Sozialarbeit und Sozialpadagogik in der Psychiatrie.

Universalising international law is one of the most urgent tasks awaiting those who wish to advance the discipline. Though all the world acknowledges its universal nature, it has long been confined in a largely monocultural mould. Indeed a tendency is som ...

نویسندهMarianne Bosshard, Ursula Ebert, Horst Lazarus
Neuropsychologie psychischer Störungen

This book is about the politics of water resource development and management in India, with special reference to the Narmada river waters dispute. Author John R. Wood draws on a wealth of studies on Narmada as well as his own research to analyze the contr ...

نویسندهStefan Lautenbacher, Siegfried Gauggel
Gesundheitspsychologie (Springer-Lehrbuch)

Are you thinking about traveling, studying, or working in Portugal or Brazil, but you don’t know any Portuguese? Want to improve your conversation skills with the Portuguese-speaking people in your life? Portuguese Phrases for Dummies is the perfect divin ...

نویسندهBabette Renneberg, Philipp Hammelstein