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Schöpfung und Chaos in Urzeit und Endzeit. Eine religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung über Gen 1 und Ap Joh 12

We can reach every point in the world but, more importantly, we can be reached from any point in the world. Privacy and its possibilities are abolished. Attention is under siege everywhere. Not silence but uninterrupted noise, not the red desert, but a co ...

نویسندهHermann Gunkel
Ordnung ins Chaos (Pocket Power)

For the past 150 years, economics has been treated as a social science in which economies are modeled as a circular flow of income between producers and consumers. In this “perpetual motion” of interactions between firms that produce and households that c ...

نویسندهAnne Brunner
Komplexe Systeme und Nichtlineare Dynamik in Natur und Gesellschaft: Komplexitatsforschung in Deutschland auf dem Weg ins nachste Jahrhundert

Contributed by close colleagues, friends, and former students of Floris Takens, Global Analysis of Dynamical Systems is a liber amicorum dedicated to Takens for his 60th birthday. The first chapter is a reproduction of Takens's 1974 paper "Forced oscillat ...

نویسندهKlaus Mainzer
Die Chaos-Chroniken. Die leuchtende Stadt.

Critical English for Academic Purposes: Theory, Politics, and Practice is the first book to combine the theory and practice of two fields: English for academic purposes and critical pedagogy. English for academic purposes (EAP) grounds English language te ...

نویسندهJeffrey A. Carver
Einfach aufgeraumt! In 24 Stunden mit der Simplify-Methode das Chaos besiegen

Liquid crystal science underlies the technology of about half the current display technology by value, an industry now worth some $10 billion per annum worldwide. The fundamental science straddles the disciplines of chemistry, physics, engineering, mathem ...

نویسندهSusanne Roth
Wie die Zeit in die Welt kam. Die Entstehung einer Illusion aus Ordnung und Chaos

Statistics Essentials For Dummies not only provides students enrolled in Statistics I with an excellent high-level overview of key concepts, but it also serves as a reference or refresher for students in upper-level statistics courses. Free of review and ...

نویسندهHenning Genz
[HaBi 2]    Inhaltsverzeichnis

An Essence bestseller, Before I Let Go is the sexy story of three male best friends' dramatic search for love, intimacy, and the perfect relationship. Nate is a D-O-G with an obsession for conquering as many women as possible. But when he breaks his own r ...

Nichtlineare Dynamik 001

For advanced Window programmers, Visual C++ and ATL/COM familiar, here is the book that fully analyses the Shell programming tools, builds several example Apps in ATL 3.0, and explores undocumented features and bug get-arounds exposed for Win98, plus more ...


Всесторонне рассмотрены все важные аспекты, связанные с имитационным моделированием - моделирование, программное обеспечение моделирования, проверка достоверности и проверка правильности моделей, моделирование входных данных, генераторы случайных чисел, г ...

نویسندهHermann Haken, Arne Wunderlin