Von den Tiefen des Alls in den Mikrokosmos. Ein Streifzug durch die moderne Physik

نویسندهBogdan Povh
Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications

نویسندهBernard Valeur
Regelungstechnik fur Ingenieure

В книге рассмотрены вопросы по устройству, обслуживанию и эксплуатации автомобилей ЗИС-5 и АМО-3 В книге рассмотрены вопросы по устройству, обслуживанию и эксплуатации автомобилей ЗИС-5 и АМО-3

نویسندهManfred Reuter, Serge Zacher
Die Grundgleichungen der Mechanik, insbesondere starrer Koerper, mit Grassmans Punktrechnhung

Great book with great ideas. To give you an idea about my skill level - I have built most of the furniature in our house using the Kreg jig and basic tools. These projects fit into that paradigm and will take you even farther. My test for whether or not I ...

نویسندهLotze A

Изготавливать обереги - исконная славянская традиция, ныне, увы, подзабытая. Эта книга расскажет об обережной символике, напомнит некоторые древние обычаи и научит делать простые обереги своими руками.И пусть ваш дом будет полон счастья, радости, красоты. ...

نویسندهBechert, Gerthser
Technische mechanik

Современная кулинария предоставляет хозяйке поистине безграничные возможности. Воспользовавшись этим замечательным изданием, вы сможете приготовить для своих родных и гостей самые вкусные и полезные блюда.В книге вы найдете множество оригинальных рецептов ...

نویسندهHelga Dankert
Numerische Beanspruchungsanalyse von Rissen: Finite Elemente in der Bruchmechanik

This book examines memories of political violence in Chile after the 1973 coup and a 17-years-long dictatorship. Based on individual and group interviews, it focuses on the second generation children, adults today, born to parents who were opponents of Pi ...

نویسندهMeinhard Kuna
Physik verstehen - Einführung in die Denkweise der Physik. Homogene Systeme

Ekstein's book brings together papers on a number of themes which have occupied his thinking during the last 40 years. In the Wiener Kreis, the Vienna circle of philosophers, he studied, together with his professor Moritz Schlick, the philosophy of scienc ...

نویسندهRolf Schloms
Die Realitätenmacher: Physik des Bewußtseins

Stable solutions are ubiquitous in differential equations. They represent meaningful solutions from a physical point of view and appear in many applications, including mathematical physics (combustion, phase transition theory) and geometry (minimal surfac ...

Synoptische Meteorologie: Methoden der Wetteranalyse und -prognose

نویسندهAndreas Bott (auth.)

نویسندهG. Blatter
The Spread of Yield Management Practices: The Need for Systematic Approaches

This challenging new work uses archival research to examine Poland's government in exile during the Second World War as it sought both to fight against the advances of Germany and the Soviet Union, and to prepare for the moment when it would once more be ...

نویسندهFabiola Sfodera
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy: Basic Aspects and Practical Applications

Gandhi's economic theories were a part of his vision of self-government, which meant not just freedom from colonial rule but the achievement of self-reliance and self-respect by the villagers of India. Areas examined include: * consumption behaviour * i ...

نویسندهSune Svanberg
Life in the Universe

There's something going on in this Great Land of ours -- more and more people are famous for being famous. Now, one of the Avon Trade program's brightest young voices examines what happens to an ordinary young woman who ends up in some pretty wild circums ...

نویسندهDirk Schulze-Makuch, Louis N. Irwin
Technische Schwingungslehre

Twenty-one more stories about the sailing ship "Industry" and the lads who sailed on it, including many exciting adventures such as their encounters with porpoises, flying fish, and sharks. Sequel to THE SANDMAN: His Ship Stories by the same author. Third ...

نویسندهManfred Knaebel
Dueck's Panopticon: Gesammelte Kultkolumnen

Photographs and simple text introduce homophones, words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Photographs and simple text introduce homophones, words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different m ...

نویسندهGunter Dueck
Globalisierung und Ethik: Ludwig-Erhard-Ringvorlesung an der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

This text presents amulti-disciplined view of optimization, providing students and researchers with a thorough examination of algorithms, methods, and tools from diverse areas of optimization without introducing excessive theoretical detail. This second e ...

نویسندهHarald Herrmann, Kai-Ingo Voigt
IT-Offshoring: Management internationaler IT-Outsourcing-Projekte

Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter is the unforgettable story of several generations of Lakota women, told in their words. Delphine Red Shirt-like her mother, Lone Woman, and her mother's grandmother, Turtle Lung Woman-grew up on the wide open Plains of no ...

نویسندهMichael Amberg, Martin Wiener
Kurzes Lehrbuch der Physik

Veterinary practitioners and students are presented with many different and complex cases, and are expected to offer an accurate diagnosis quickly. The differential diagnosis list is one of the most important aspects of the problem-oriented approach to cl ...

نویسندهHerbert A. Stuart, Gerhard Klages (auth.)
Schröder gegen Merkel

This is the as-told-to political autobiography of Ph?ntso Wangye (Ph?nwang), one of the most important Tibetan revolutionary figures of the twentieth century. Ph?nwang began his activism in school, where he founded a secret Tibetan Communist Party. He was ...

نویسندهMichaela Maier