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Randsportarten erfolgreich vermarkten: Gestaltung von Fernsehformaten mit Prominenten

Эта книга Сергея Лесного выгодно отличается от работ многих других историков доступностью изложения при глубоком изучении сути вопроса, присутствием научной новизны, большим фактографическим материалом и сердечной болью за Россию.Триста лет нам внушали, ч ...

نویسندهFrank Huber, Heike Kircher, Isabel Matthes
Transportrecht: Schnell erfasst

When sufficient moisture is available, hundreds of species of bacteria and fungi -- particularly mold -- pollute indoor air. The most important effects of exposure to these pollutants are the increased prevalence of respiratory symptoms, allergies and ast ...

نویسندهProfessor Dr. Thomas Wieske (auth.)
Sportverletzungen von A - Z: Gesundheits-Coach

This catalogue proposes to alleviate the frequent, time-consuming literature reviews conducted by investigators of the Cicindelidae of Canada and the United States. It contains the currently accepted status of names, taxonomy, geographical distributions ...

نویسندهThomas Wessinghage, Wolfgang Feil, Jacqueline Ryffel-Ha...
Praxisbuch Energiewirtschaft: Energieumwandlung, -transport und -beschaffung im liberalisierten Markt

A wealth of information for both novice and experienced facilitators. Increase your understanding of facilitation and learn interventions and exercises you can use with others. This resource manual provides managers, trainers and consultants a format base ...

نویسندهPanos Konstantin Dipl.Ing. (auth.)
Sport im Fernsehen: Eine Analyse der Kundenpraferenzen fur mediale Dienstleistungen

Practical Foundations of Mathematics explains the basis of mathematical reasoning both in pure mathematics itself (algebra and topology in particular) and in computer science. In addition to the formal logic, this volume examines the relationship between ...

نویسندهGuido Schafmeister
Maritime Containerlogistik: Leistungsvergleich von Containerschiffen in intermodalen Transportketten

Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education focuses on the use of pedagogical documentation as a tool for learning and transformation. Based on innovative research, the author presents new approaches to learning in early childhood ...

نویسندهAxel Schönknecht (auth.)
Ladungstransportschichten für effiziente organische Halbleiterbauelemente

One of the glories of the Greco-Roman classics is the opportunity that they give us to consider a great culture in its entirety; but our ability to do that depends on our ability to work comfortably with very varied fields of scholarship. The Handbook for ...

نویسندهAlexander Colsmann
Der Transportpanzer TPz-1 der Bundeswehr

Management lessons from the world's most profitable airline "If you want to understand how one organization can change the competitive rules of the game for an entire industry, read this book."--James L. Heskett, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Bus ...

Transporter - wer kennt sie schon!

The only comprehensive handbook on this important and rapidly developing topic combines fundamental information with a brief overview of recent advances in solid state electrochemistry, primarily targeting specialists working in this scientific field. Par ...

Coherent Manipulation and Transport of Matter Waves

This volume presents an up-to-date review of developmental aspects of human attention by leading researchers and theorists. The papers included in the first section consider the ways in which newborns are pretuned to visual, auditory, linguistic, and soci ...

نویسندهWolfgang Arendt, Wolfgang P. Schleich
Transport- und Lagerlogistik

Теория электромагнетизма КНИГИ,ЕСТЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ,НАУКА и УЧЕБА Название: Теория электромагнетизма Автор: Дж.А. Стрэттон Издательство: ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ ИЗДАТЕЛЬСТВО ТЕХНИКО-ТЕОРЕТИЧЕСКОЙ ЛИТЕРАТУРЫ Год издания: 1948 Страниц: 540 Формат: DJVU+OCR Размер: ...

نویسندهHeinrich Martin
Waggonfabrik Gebruder Crede

Groundbreaking, long-ranging research in this emergent field that enables solutions to complex biological problems Computational systems biology is an emerging discipline that is evolving quickly due to recent advances in biology such as genome sequenc ...

Das Ringersbuch

Описание.В данном издании подробно и доступно рассматриваются наиболее распространенные в настоящее время заболевания, а также предлагаются различные методы их лечения и профилактики. медицинский справочник будет полезен для всей семьи, поскольку поможет ...

نویسندهHans Wurm
Bestimmung der lokalen Entropieproduktion in turbulenten Stromungen und deren Nutzung zur Bewertung konvektiver Transportprozesse

In The Problems of Physics, first published in 1987, Anthony Leggett presents an overview of the frontiers of physics at the time, aimed at the general reader. CERN Courier, Vol 47 No 6, July/August 2007 First published in 1987 this reissue remains topica ...

نویسندهKock F.
Einfluss lokaler Phanomene auf den Stofftransport an Gasblasen in Zweiphasenstromungen

Книга является учебным пособием для техникумов и содержит описание технологических процессов механической обработки и технического контроля орудийных труб. В книге рассматриваются также общие вопросы проектирования технологического процесса, допуски и воз ...

نویسندهBork O.