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Medizin im Ausland: Survival Guide für Famulatur und Praktikum

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) offers standard semantics and notation for describing object structure and behavior and has emerged as the design medium of choice for developing large-scale distributed object applications. Augmented by the Rational Un ...

نویسندهD. Gödde, T. Sellmann, C. O'Connell
Medizin im Ausland: Survival Guide fur Famulatur und Praktikum

This issue contains a collection of papers presented at the 71st Conference on Glass Problems, October 19-20, 2010 at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Topics include glass melting; glass science, defects; safety; refractories; recycling; control ...

نویسندهD. Godde, T. Sellmann, C. O'Connell
So macht Mann das! 327 Survival-Tipps fur den Manneralltag

The Political Economy of the World Trading System is a comprehensive textbook account of the economics, institutional mechanics and politics of the world trading system. This third edition has been expanded and updated to cover developments in the World T ...

نویسندهWolfgang Melcher

As an object-oriented language with powerful text processing capabilities, Python is an ideal language for manipulating XML. Python & XML provides you with a solid foundation for using these two languages together. Loaded with practical examples, the ...

Abwehr englischer Gangster-Methoden

Ubuntu Unleashed 2010 Edition presents comprehensive coverage of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. Windows users, Mac users, and Linux enthusiasts have been increasingly turning to Ubuntu for a user-friendly, easy-to-use Linux distribution.This book ...