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Windows 10. Einfache Einleitungen für wichtige Aufgaben

نویسندهJoan Lambert, Steve Lambert
Die ukrainische Staatsidee und der Krieg gegen Russland

نویسندهДмитрий Донцов
Linux kurz & gut

Madame Bovary ranks among the world’s most famous and widely read novels, and has inspired numerous critical theories. First published in 1987, this study draws on both twentieth-century and traditional critical views to provide both students and scholars ...

نویسندهDaniel J. Barrett
Das Windows 7 Praxishandbuch

نویسندهChristoph Prevezanos
Windows 7: Für Umsteiger von Windows Vista und Windows XP

نویسندهWalter Saumweber

نویسندهLutz Richter
Das Taschenbuch zu Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

نویسندهGabi Brede
Visual C# 2008 Kompendium: Windows-Programmierung mit dem .NET Framework 3.5

نویسندهJürgen Bayer
Windows-Testumgebung - Für Ausbildung und Beruf

نویسندهThomas Joos
Debian GNU Linux: Das umfassende Handbuch, 3. Auflage

نویسندهHeike Jurzik
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium – Das Maxibuch

Drawing on their decades of teaching experience, William Briggs and Lyle Cochran have created a calculus text that carries the teacher’s voice beyond the classroom. That voice–evident in the narrative, the figures, and the questions interspersed in the na ...

نویسندهJürgen Hossner, Silke Patzig, Roland Kloss-Pierro
Windows 7 Professional: Kompakt, komplett, kompetent (Magnum)

نویسندهMichael Kolberg
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - Das Handbuch

От издателяОпубликованные впервые на русском языке основные философские сочинения знаменитого античного философа, историка и политика Плутарха из Херонеи (I — первая половина II в.) составляют трактаты, в которых находит свое развитие традиция платонизма, ...

نویسندهTobias Weltner
Linux Hardware Hackz. Messen, Steuern und Sensorik mit Linux

From Booklist Kaliss traces the former Sylvester Stewart from Denton, Texas, beginnings through fame as Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone to the present. After the band’s fourth album, Stand! yielded monster hits in the title song, Everyday People, ...

نویسندهJürgen Plate
Ubuntu GNU Linux: Das umfassende Handbuch, 5. Auflage (aktuell zu Ubuntu 10.04 LTS »Lucid Lynx«)

نویسندهMarcus Fischer
Debian GNU Linux in der Praxis: Anwendungen, Konzepte, Werkzeuge  GERMAN

نویسندهWulf Alex
Windows 7 - Auf einen Blick

نویسندهJerry Joyce, Marianne Moon
Wie werde ich UNIX-Guru? Einführung in UNIX, Linux und Co

В своем новаторском пособии Н.Смит сводит воедино все разнообразие теоретического научного наследия психологии XX-XXI веков, предоставляя тем самым ресурсы для сравнения силы и слабости, достоинств и недостатков всех современных систем психологии. Каждая ...

نویسندهArnold Willemer
Visual Basic .NET. Grundlagen, Programmiertechniken, Windows-Anwendungen

Opening with a general introduction on chemokine function and chemokine receptor biology, the handbook goes on to cover the known implications of these signaling molecules in human diseases, such as cancer, neural disorders, and viral infection, including ...

نویسندهMichael Kofler
Windows XP Professional Kompendium

"The Language of the Body" is the psychological masterpiece that showed how and why conventional analysis was failing. And it's the spark that ignited the movement toward body language as the key--and cure--for many psychological problems. "The Langua ...

نویسندهEric Tierling