Krautfunding: Deutschland entdeckt die Dankeschön-Ökonomie

نویسندهAnsgar Warner
Vorsicht: Abzocke!: Das sind Ihre Rechte

Stellenbeschreibungen sollen die Führungskräfte beim Mitarbeitereinsatz, bei der Personalentwicklung und auch bei der Gestaltung und Optimierung der Organisation unterstützen. Herkömmliche Stellenbeschreibungen mit bürokratischer, steriler Auflistung der ...

نویسندهSusanne Zöphel
Berufs- und Karriere-Planer IT und E-Business 2009 2010

The definitive valve amplifier design cookbook for hi-fi enthusiasts, electronics experimenters and audio equipment designers. Cover; CONTENTS; Preface; Acknowledgements; Construction; Planning; Metalwork for poets; Wiring; Testing; Test equipment pri ...

Existenzgründung Schritt für Schritt: Mit 3 ausführlichen Businessplänen

نویسندهThomas Plümer
Desktopvirtualisierung: Definitionen - Architekturen - Business-Nutzen

Aquests apunts s'han elaborat per a les pràctiques del Taller de Matemàtiques, que són comunes a les assignatures Àlgebra Lineal i Càlcul I de primer curs dels graus de l'ETSEIB. L'objectiu és introduir un conjunt d'eines informàtiques que permetin donar ...

نویسندهRobert Vogel, Tarkan Kocoglu, Thomas Berger
Deutsche Munzen 800-1871 / Money Trend

I teach Descartes in introductory college courses. I know a little about him. I love Descartes. He was a true genius in whose shadow we today yet live, for better or for worse. But by themselves Descartes' philosophy and his masterpiece the "Meditatio ...

نویسندهVolker Weege
Der unternehmensinterne Businessplan: Neue Geschäftsmöglichkeiten entdecken, präsentieren, durchsetzen.

Takes yoga back to its roots as a creative learning process and an expansion of consciousness, not just a technique for health and fitness • Provides simple techniques that enhance the free flow of prana to promote physical and emotional healing, self-dis ...

نویسندهStephan A. Paxmann, Gerhard Fuchs
Der Business Discourse: Effizienz und Effektivität der unternehmensinternen Kommunikation

Not simple retellings of the tried and true stories of buccaneers on the high seas, this book focuses on how pirating tactics of the 1500s through 1800s to give the reader a view of how pirates functioned through history. Readers will follow eighteen of t ...

نویسندهGuido Wolf

“A good society,“ Michael Lebowitz tells us, “is one that permits the full development of human potential.” In this slim, lucid, and insightful book, he argues persuasively that such a society is possible. That capitalism fails his definition of a good so ...

نویسندهAxel Singler
Der Einkauf im E-Business-Zeitalter

The book Parallel and Distributed Logic Programming provides a clear introduction to parallel and distributed approach to logic programming. It examines the existing models of distributed logic programming, analyses the pros and cons of these models, and ...

نویسندهThomas Frahling
Der feminine Stil. Business-Mode für Frauen.

From the acclaimed author of A Breath of Fresh Air, this beautiful novel takes us to modern India during the height of the summer’s mango season. Heat, passion, and controversy explode as a woman is forced to decide between romance and tradition.Every you ...

نویسندهSilke Frink
Business Knigge international: Der Schnellkurs 2. Auflage

History remembers Wellington's defeat of Napoleon, but has forgotten the role of Field Marshal  Radetzky in the battles which led to Napoleon's abdication and first exile in 1814. As Chief of Staff to the allied coalition of 1813-14, Radetzky determined t ...

نویسندهKai Oppel
Der Businessplan: Geschaftsplane professionell erstellen. Mit Checklisten und Fallbeispielen

Дети частозадают вопросы на которые взрослые не всегда могут ответить. Любимые герои Почемучка и Отчевочка откроют мальчикам и девочкам все тайны природы!Интересные рассказы, любопытные факты, ботанические опыты позволят ребятам узнать много интересного о ...

نویسندهAnna Nagl
Green Business - das Milliardengeschaft

In Green Gone Wrong environmental writer Heather Rogers blasts through the marketing buzz of big corporations and asks a simple question: Do today’s much-touted "green" products—carbon offsets, organic food, biofuels, and eco-friendly cars and homes—reall ...

نویسندهDietrich Walther
Business Process Outsourcing: Grundlagen, Methoden, Erfahrungen

The Great Persuader is the biography of a robber baron, the greatest railroad mogul of them all-Collis P. Huntington, the Sacramento, California, storekeeper who, along with Leland Stanford and Mark Hopkins, parlayed $1,500 into America?’s first continent ...

نویسندهJurgen Gross, Jorg Bordt, Matias Musmacher
30 Minuten fur Business Qigong. 4. Auflage

Would you like to know the secrets to achieving more in your next 12 months? Here is your chance to learn about the PHENOMENON™ and see how successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and economic backgrounds have taken these secrets and created the u ...

نویسندهAwai Cheung
Der Businessplan: Geschaftsplane professionell erstellen. Mit Checklisten und Fallbeispielen 5. Auflage

Kenyon Cox was born in Warren, Ohio, in 1856 to a nationally prominent family. He studied as an adolescent at the McMicken Art School in Cincinnati and later at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. From 1877 to 1882, he was enrolled at ...

نویسندهAnna Nagl
Der IT Business Case: Kosten erfassen und analysieren Nutzen erkennen und quantifizieren Wirtschaftlichkeit nachweisen und realisieren

The Sword, the Cross, and the Eagle explores how Christian principles and the natural law tradition consider the use of military force and how they support the just war tradition over other moral traditions of war. By promoting the use of offensive war as ...

نویسندهDipl. Inf. Ralph Brugger (auth.)
Der Businessplan - Geschaftsplane professionell erstellen 3. Auflage

Впервые представлена в полном, не урезанном виде концепция антропогенеза (происхождения человека), выдвинутая профессором Борисом Фёдоровичем Поршневым (1905-1972). Эта Книга, стоившая жизни её автору, знаменует начало полного пересмотра всех наук о челов ...

نویسندهAnna Nagl
SAP Business Information Warehouse: Mehrdimensionale Datenmodellierung (German Edition)

The 60 Second Organizer is an easy-to-read, enjoyable, effective guide to taming the paper tiger and tackling the stress and chaos of disorganization. The author offers sixty solid techniques - one for each minute of the hour - for getting and staying org ...

نویسندهMichael Hahne