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Political Concepts and Political Theories introduces political theory by focusing on enduring disputes about the nature of freedom, power, equality, justice, democracy, and authority. The first part of the book examines the nature of these disputes. It c ...

نویسندهЖаворонков Н.М.
Соединения в квадратных скобках

Identifies categories within everyday life, such as the theories of the semantic field and of moments. Henri Lefebvre’s three-volume Critique of Everyday Life is perhaps the richest, most prescient work by one of the twentieth century’s greatest philosop ...

نویسندهМакашев Ю.А., Замяткина В.М.
Смекалка. Для восьмилетней школы

First-Time Leaders of Small Groups offers novice and experienced leaders the information they need to keep their members interested and involved, resolve conflicts and deal with difficult people, and ultimately have their group achieve results . . . quick ...

نویسندهАкентьев В.В.
Сильные, смелые, ловкие. Для средней школы

Adaptation of the story of Robinson Crusoe for children. Relates how the shipwrecked sailor makes a new life for himself on the island, crafting shelter, food, and clothing for himself from the few tools he rescued from the ship and what he is able to fin ...

نویسندهЧкаников И.Н.
Серийные преступления. Научно-популярное издание.

Cultural Studies explores popular culture in a uniquely exciting and innovative way. Encouraging experimentation, intervention and dialogue, Cultural Studies is both politically and theoretically rewarding. Cultural Studies explores popular culture in ...

نویسندهСоставитель Ревяко Татьяна Ивановна.
Сверхпроводящая керамика. Научно-популярное издание

Under the Third Reich, Nazi Germany undertook an unprecedented effort to refashion the city of ??d?. Home to prewar Poland’s second most populous Jewish community, this was to become a German city of enchantment—a modern, clean, and orderly showcase of ...

نویسندهШаплыгин И.С., Лазарев В.Б.
Самодельные пособия из бумаги и картона. Для средней школы

Case Study Research: Principles and Practices aims to provide a general understanding of the case study method as well as specific tools for its successful implementation. These tools can be utilized in all fields where the case study method is prominent, ...

نویسندهКоршун И.А., Толмачева Е.Е.
С микрокалькулятором повсюду. (Nochmehr spab mit dem taschenrechner, 1981) . Научно-популярное издание

Good and evil, clean and unclean, rich and poor, self and other. The nature and function of such binary oppositions have long intrigued scholars in such fields as philosophy, linguistics, classics, and anthropology. From the opening chapters of Genesis, i ...

نویسندهГильде В., Альтрихтер З., Перевод с немецкого Ю.А.Данил...
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Asphalt Surfacings has been written as a reference to the various asphalt course materials and surfacing treatments that are currently available to engineers, enabling them to select the materials and/or treatment that are appropriate for use on specific ...

نویسندهВарламов Валентин Филиппович
Руджер Иосип Бошкович (1711-1787)

This volume examines the wide-ranging psychiatric and neurologic consequences of war affecting every level of human organization from the nation state to the molecular. The volume present these consequences from a multitude of perspectives and modes of in ...

نویسندهЦверава Г.К.
Родные поля. Научно-популярная литература. Для среднего и старшего возраста.

No member of the primary care team can afford to be indifferent to the great developments that have taken place in coronary heart disease and vascular disease prevention. This new edition of Statins in General Practice includes data from the major new cli ...

نویسندهТетюрев В.А., Рисунки Г.Ордынского.
Род человеческий. (The Human Species, 1961)

The Clinton administration and the other NATO governments boast that the alliance won a great victory in its war against Yugoslavia. The Clinton administration and the other NATO governments boast that the alliance won a great victory in its war again ...

نویسندهБарнетт А., Перевод с английского И.В.Перевозчикова. По...
Ритмы и алгоритмы. Второе издание

In the hot summer of 2004, David Leff floated away from the routine of daily life just as Henry David Thoreau and his brother had done in their own small boat in 1839. Fortified with Thoreau’s observations as revealed in A Week on the Concord and Merrimac ...

نویسندهСухотин А.К., Художник Б.Жутовсний.
Ремонт и модернизация трансформаторов

This introductory study guide provides a biography of the writer and an introduction to the theme of the book with a summary of the main points of each chapter. It is designed to accompany the text for students. This introductory study guide provides ...

نویسندهФарбман С.А., Бун А.Ю.
Река жизни. (The River of Life, 1961)

Michael Pollan's unmatched ability to draw lines of connection between our everyday experiences- whether eating, gardening, or building-and the natural world has been the basis for the popular success of his many works of nonfiction, including the genre-d ...

نویسندهСимен Б., Перевод с английского В.Б.Рамзеса. Под редакц...
Регенерация - настоящее и будущее. (Regeneration)

Step in front of your desk and actively engage your students in learning with the techniques you ll find in this handy, quick reference. Here are practical, relevant, and easy-to-implement teaching strategies that will help you to be more creative in t ...

نویسندهМэттсон Н., Перевод с английского А.Л.Лиознера Под реда...
Рассказы о поделочном камне

• This is the 100% complete guide to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood • A colossal 40+page Extras chapter features every Secret along with a Behind-the-Scenes section, an Artwork Gallery and an in-depth examination of key events and protagonists in the Assass ...

نویسندهПетров В.П.
Пушкин в 1836 году: Предыстория последней дуэли

Ayurvedic Medicine brings the unique theories and traditions of Ayurveda alive so that they are accessible to the complementary health practitioner of today. This book offers a clear, accessible and yet detailed guide to Ayurvedic herbalism. It encompass ...

نویسندهАбрамович С.Л.
Протрептик. О чувственном восприятии. О памяти. Перевод на русский Е.В.Алымовой

The present stately folio with its accompanying text (translating all the texts in the plates) is the first-fruits of 45 years of intermittent work by the redoubtable Chicago team, alongside their work at Medinet Habu and elsewhere in Karnak. In productio ...

Пушкин в 1836 году: Предыстория последней дуэли

In The Spectacle of Japanese American Trauma, Emily Roxworthy contests the notion that the U.S. government's internment policies during World War II had little impact on the postwar lives of most Japanese Americans. After the curtain was lowered on the wa ...

نویسندهАбрамович С.Л.