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This book offers a presentation of the special theory of relativity that is mathematically rigorous and yet spells out in considerable detail the physical significance of the mathematics. It treats, in addition to the usual menu of topics one is accustome ...

نویسندهПроскурин Ю.В.

The Great Divergence brings new insight to one of the classic questions of history: Why did sustained industrial growth begin in Northwest Europe, despite surprising similarities between advanced areas of Europe and East Asia? As Ken Pomeranz shows, as re ...

نویسندهТихомирова Л.Ф.
Бильярд для всех. Пул и карамболь

The drivers of consumer pressure and environmental awareness are forcing businesses to take a more critical view of their environmental management procedures. The development of an environmental management plan is an essential business activity that helps ...

نویسندهБирн Р.

Современные достижения в эндокринологии, пересмотр ряда позиций стимулировали авторский коллектив к выпуску второго издания, значительно переработанного и дополненного. Включены новые главы по гиперпаратиреозу, гиперкальциемии при злокачественных заболева ...

نویسندهТакер Н.
Суккуленты начинающим и не только

Emphasizing the potential and impact of the burgeoning nanotechnology field, this six-volume encyclopedia set discusses the fundamental principles, theories, and methodologies that impact nanosystem design innovations in nanostructured materials, nanodevi ...

نویسندهЮрий Белоус
Занимательная физиология.

Приведена информация о современных методах диагностики и лечения травм и заболеваний туловища и головы, таза. Даны четкие рекомендации по применению аппаратов чрескостной фиксации отломков костей таза в остром периоде травмы. Кратко изложена проблема лече ...

نویسندهСергеев Б. Ф.
Вода, которую мы пьем: Качество питьевой воды и ее очистка с помощью бытовых фильтров

Concise, self-contained introduction to group theory and its applications to chemical problems. Symmetry, matrices, molecular vibrations, transition metal chemistry, more. Relevant math included. Advanced-undergraduate/graduate-level. 1973 edition. Co ...

نویسندهМ. Ахманов

In the final issue of the fiftieth volume, this journal celebrated its past by reissuing those articles that had become Citation Classics. It also contained the papers stemming from the Symposium funded by Elsevier Science and the Department of Chemical E ...

نویسندهБардин К.В.

Today's industrial laboratory analyst encounters issues such as quality control, quality assurance ISO 9000, standard operating procedures, calibration, standard reference materials, statistical control, control charts, proficiency testing, validation, sy ...

نویسندهАнуфриев А.Ф., Костромина С.Н.

Structure As Architecture provides readers with an accessible insight into the relationship between structure and architecture, focusing on the design principles that relate to both fields. Over one hundred case studies of contemporary buildings from coun ...

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Ученые на монетах мира

While the look and feel of an enterprise web application is certainly important, developers usually find themselves spending far too much time on the front-end presentation before they can get to coding the good stuff - the business logic at the heart of ...

نویسندهВасильев А.Н.
Домашний мастер

В книге популярно излагаются некоторые теоремы, относящиеся к недавно сформировавшемуся разделу математики - комбинаторной геометрии. Предназначена для учащихся 8-10 классов, интересующихся математикой, студентов и преподавателей математики. В книге п ...

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