Башкирская АССР Административно-территориальное  деление на 1952 г

This book is a compilation of recent global measures to conserve bio-resources and manage biotic and abiotic stresses. It highlights emerging issues related to agriculture, abiotic and biotic stress factors, ethnic knowledge, climate change and global war ...


نویسندهПузанов И.И.
Коньяк - практический путеводитель

نویسندهГендин, Купцов, Сердюк
Административно-территориальные преобразования в Крыму в 1783-1998гг

This book focuses upon air pollution, types of air pollutants and their impact on plant physiological and biochemical systems. The book begins with a brief background on air pollution and continues with a discussion on different types, effects, and soluti ...

نویسندهЕфимов С.А.,Кравцова С.А.
Азербайджанская ССР Административно-территориальное деление на 1961г

This book provides an overview of the linguistic situation in Brunei, including a historical overview and a synopsis of the current education system. It investigates pronunciation, particularly the intelligibility of Brunei English and the vowels of Brune ...


نویسندهРид П. пер. с англ. Седовой Е.А. под ред. Солодовой Ю.П...
Путешествие в Монголию. 1923-1926

نویسندهКозлов П.К.
Административно-территориальное деление Архангельской губернии и области в ХVIII-XX веках. Справочник

This book discusses the scope of science education research and practice in Asia. It is divided into five sections: the first consists of nine chapters providing overviews of science education in Asia (China, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Oman, Sing ...

نویسندهПод ред. Л.В. Гундакова

Fifty years after the formation of the Federal Republic and a decade after German unification, we stand on the cusp of a new century and a new millennium of German history. At the same time EMU marks a giant stride towards European integration and the end ...

نویسندهИсаченко А.Г., Шляпников А.А.
Юганский заповедник.

This cohesive and challenging collection of academic essays represents a radical analysis, indeed re-interpretation, of the political, social and economic events which have occurred within the new South Africa since the momentous 1994 general election. Ch ...

نویسندهБайкалова А.С. м др.
Ландшафты азиатских степей

The end of the Cold War and the forceful response to Iraq's aggression created expectations that the UN would change from a marginal into a centre player in world affairs. These hopes were seemingly dashed in Somalia, Rwanda and Bosnia. Has the United Nat ...

نویسندهНиколаев В.А.
Введение в учение о геосистемах

Human society is full of would-be "change agents," a restless mix of campaigners, lobbyists, and officials, both individuals and organizations, set on transforming the world. They want to improve public services, reform laws and regulations, guarantee hum ...

نویسندهСочава В.Б.
Путь в Тибет

Rethinking Aesthetics is the first book to bring together prominent voices in the fields of architecture, philosophy, aesthetics, and cognitive sciences to radically rethink the relationship between body and design. These essays argue that aesthetic exper ...

نویسندهДоржиев Ж.Д., Кондратов А.М.
Физическая география Украины. 8 класс

Целью исследования является получение новых данных о правовых аспектах владения вельможескими гробницами в Египте эпохи Древнего царства на основе комплексного анализа текстуальных, изобразительных, архитектурных и археологических данных. Целью и ...

نویسندهПестушко В. Ю., Уварова А. Ш.
Барьерные ландшафты СССР.

В учебном пособии рассмотрены основные этапы истории монгольского народа, вопросы историографии монгольской этносферы, проблемы государственности номадов, вклад чингисидов в мировую историю и евразийство, антиманьчжурскую борьбу монголов, нек ...

نویسندهМаксютов Ф.А.
Учение о геосистемах.

Der Klassiker zu Migration und Arbeit in Europa - so aktuell wie nie. Jetzt neu auflegt im FISCHER Taschenbuch! ›Der siebte Mensch‹ untersucht die Situation der Migranten und Wanderarbeiter – in Text und Bild, mit Geschichten und Erzählungen. Es war das ...

نویسندهСочава В.Б.
Занимательная география

Expanding on her absorbing and controversial 1995 New Yorker article, Joan Acocella examines the politics of Willa Cather criticism: how Cather’s work has been seized upon and often distorted by critics on both the left and the right. Acocella argues that ...

نویسندهУспенский Л.
Рассказы о белом море.

Guatemala has long been recognized as one of the countries suffering egregious violations of human rights. A principal actor has been the military, which has exercised effective control even during periods of formal civilian authority.In The Guatemalan Mi ...

نویسندهБергер в.Я., Наумов а.Д.