Социально-экономические аспекты упрвления на железнодорожном транспорте

b>Aus der Dieses Standardwerk ist Lehrbuch, Arbeitsbuch und Nachschlagewerk zugleich. Wer im Metall- und Maschinenbau tätig ist, kommt am "Hoischen/Hesser", wie er respektvoll genannt wird, nicht vorbei. Er gehört seit Jahrzehnten, im ...

نویسندهНеталимов Ю.Б., Зимин А.Ф.
Лабораторные работы на персональном компьютере для экономистов

Systems are subject to faults in their components, affecting their overall behaviour. In a 'black-box' system, such faults only become apparent in the output when appropriate inputs are given, which poses a number of satisfaction and optimisation pr ...

نویسندهЦисарь И.Ф.
Современный экономический анализ и прогнозирование

Massive datasets, made available today by modern technologies, present a significant challenge to scientists who need to effectively and efficiently extract relevant knowledge and information. Due to their ability to model uncertainty, interval and soft c ...

نویسندهКалина А.В. и др.
Аутогенная тренировка

Although the theory of well-posed Cauchy problems is reasonably understood, ill-posed problems-involved in a numerous mathematical models in physics, engineering, and finance- can be approached in a variety of ways. Historically, there have been three maj ...

نویسندهЛиндеман Х.
Третья волна. Демократизация в конце ХХ века

C/C++ programming is often thought of as inaccessible, but these languages form the basis for many other programming languages and paradigms, and as such are vital, necessary skills for any IT professional to learn. Just Enough C/C++ Programming provides ...

نویسندهХантингтон С.
Применение в экономике теории графов

Electrocardiography is a simple investigation to perform, but accurate interpretation can be challenging. This book takes a logical and systematic approach to ECG interpretation, beginning with the basics of normal variations and dealing in turn with atri ...

نویسندهАвондо-Бодино Дж.
Социально-экономические и правовые основы сохранения биоразнообразия

Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design provides computer graphics students and designers with a comprehensive guide to subdivision methods, including the background information required to grasp underlying concepts, techniques for manipulating subdiv ...

Фармакоэкономика (КОНСПЕКТ ЛЕКЦИЙ)

Essential Neurosurgery provides a comprehensive introduction to neurosurgery for junior surgical trainees and medical students. The book concentrates on the principles of neurosurgical diagnosis and management of the more common central nervous system p ...

نویسندهЯковлева Л.В.
Количественные методы анализа хозяйственной деятельности

This handbook focuses on some important topics from Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics. These include the sum of divisors function with the many old and new issues on Perfect numbers; Euler's totient and its many facets; the Moebius function along wit ...

نویسندهТомас Р.
Экономика природных ресурсов

All phenomena in nature are characterized by motion; this is an essential property of matter, having infinitely many aspects. Motion can be mechanical, physical, chemical or biological, leading to various sciences of nature, mechanics being one of them. M ...

نویسندهГолуб А.А., Струкова Е.Б.
Моделирование систем: Учеб. для вузов

Conference held January 2003, Baltimore, Maryland. The aim of the annual ALENEX workshop is to provide a forum for the presentation of original research in the implementation and experimental evaluation of algorithms and data structures. This research ...

نویسندهСоветов Б. Я., Яковлев С. А.
Основы имитационного моделирования сложных экономических систем

What time of year do teenage girls search for prom dresses online? How does the quick adoption of technology affect business success (and how is that related to corn farmers in Iowa)? How do time and money affect the gender of visitors to online dating si ...

نویسندهКобелев Н.Б.
Методы динамического моделирования в управлении экономикой

This SIAM Classics edition is an unabridged, corrected republication of the work first published in 1977. It provides a compendium of applied aspects of ordering and selection procedures and includes tables that permit the practitioner to carry out the ex ...

نویسندهА.А. Кугаенко

The first new book on psychoactive mushrooms in 10 years. Introducing a rich variety of psychoactive mushrooms from around the globe -including some rare and little-known species - the author describes dozens of species and covers a broad range of mush ...

نویسندهБусыгин и др.
Имитационное моделирование экономических процессов

Papers appearing in this volume are the Invited Talks given at ICIAM 2003, the 5th International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, held in Sydney over the period July 7 to 11, 2003. The Congress celebrates and describes the contributions of ...

نویسندهЕмельянов А.А., Власова Е.А., Дума Р.В.
Красота, вкус, экономика

This book is the most comprehensive, up-to-date account of the popular numerical methods for solving boundary value problems in ordinary differential equations. It aims at a thorough understanding of the field by giving an in-depth analysis of the numeric ...

نویسندهКазаринова В.И.
Социально-экономическая статистика: Практикум: Учеб. пособие

The finite element method (FEM) has become the most widely accepted general-purpose technique for numerical simulations in engineering and applied mathematics. Principal applications arise in continuum mechanics, fluid flow, thermodynamics, and field theo ...

نویسندهПод ред. В. Н. Салина, Е. П. Шпаковской
Плутониевая экономика, выход или тупик

This book provides an excellent foundation for solving cipher systems. The text describes the fundamental principles of cipher solution plus use of the unilateral frequency distribution in the solution process is covered in some detail. Various unil ...

Экология и экономика: проблемы и поиски пути устойчивого развития Аналит. обзор

This is a widely accessible introductory treatment of infinite series of real numbers, bringing the reader from basic definitions and tests to advanced results. An up-to-date presentation is given, making infinite series accessible, interesting, and us ...

نویسندهВасиленко В.А.
Экономика природопользования

The nineteen essays here illustrate many different aspects of mathematical thinking. The author is very well-known for his best-selling books of problems; in this volume he seeks to share his appreciation of the elegant and ingenious approaches used in th ...

نویسندهШевчук А.В.