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New Broad sword exercise


نویسندهLeonard Wood
Old swordplay. The systems of fence

He was famously hostile to biography as a literary form. And yet this life of Adorno by one of his last students is far more than literary in its accomplishments, giving us our first clear look at how the man and his moment met to create “critical theor ...

Renaissance Swordsmanship. The Illustrated Use of Rapiers and Cut and Thrust Swords

نویسندهJohn Clements
Arte dell armi di archille marozzo bolognese

Information doesn't just provide a window on the business, increasingly it is the business. The global economy is moving from products to services which are described almost entirely electronically. Even those businesses that are traditionally associated ...


Learn all the core tools needed to create Web pages Businesses, special-interest groups, families, and individuals are all relying on Web sites to communicate. This all-in-one guide offers one-stop shopping for all the information you need to put ...

Lo Schermo diAngelo Viggiani

This second edition of Foundations of Python Network Programming targets Python 2.5 through Python 2.7, the most popular production versions of the language. Python has made great strides since Apress released the first edition of this book back in t ...


If you're new to Unix, this concise book will tell you just what you need to get started and no more. This fifth edition is the most effective introduction to Unix in print, covering Internet usage for email, file transfers, and web browsing. It's an ...

نویسندهhans leckuechner

The Antikythera mechanism was probably the world’s first ‘analog computer’ — a sophisticated device for calculating the motions of stars and planets. This remarkable assembly of more than 30 gears with a differential mechanism, made on Rhodes or Cos in th ...

Delle Gvardie E Contragvardie

Incorporating dramatic recent advances, this textbook presents a fresh and timely introduction to modern biophysical methods. An array of new, faster and structurally higher-resolving power biophysical methods now enables scientists the examination of the ...

Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch

Аннотация издательства: Рассмотрены физико-химические основы и технология получения гидратцеллюлозных нитей и пленок по карбаматному способу - одному из вариантов бессероуглеродного процесса получения гидратцеллюлозных материалов. Детально рассмотрены ра ...

Ragioni de adoprar sicvramente l'arme

Уважаемые читатели! Прошу вас приготовиться к чтению более чем необычного текста. В нем я выложил некоторые мыслишки, которые никак нельзя назвать традиционными и общепринятыми, поэтому просто согласиться или не согласиться мало - нужно создать свой подхо ...

Angelo broadsword

Noise and distortion that degrade the quality of speech signals can come from any number of sources. The technology and techniques for dealing with noise are almost as numerous, but it is only recently, with the development of inexpensive digital signal p ...

Cold Steel a Practikal treatise of the sabre

Materials scientists are often faced with the problem of modifying surfaces of objects, yet keeping their shape and properties. This book provides a detailed survey on the new technology of adsorption from solution for the fabrication of molecularly order ...

نویسندهAlfred Hutton
L'arte di ben mannigiare La Spada

Why a book on molecular neurology? Molecular neuroscience is advancing at a spectacular rate. As it does so, it is revealing important clues to the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of neurological diseases, and to the therapeutic targets that they presen ...


Just in Time Math makes cramming for your test quick and easy with focused lessons and targeted practice. Topics covered include: fractions, decimals, ratios, absolute value, integers, percents, square roots, probability, and word problems. JIT Math ...

نویسندهEarl Marischal,
Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre

Wavelet methods have recently undergone a rapid period of development with important implications for a number of disciplines including statistics. This book has three main objectives: (i) providing an introduction to wavelets and their uses in statistics ...

نویسندهHans Talhoffer

In 2004, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg published C.P.Khare’s "Encyclopedia of Indian Medicinal Plants" which contained 400 monographs comprising classical as well as contemporary research findings."Indian Medicinal Plants. An Illustrated Dictionary" is the s ...

نویسندهL'Abbat M.