Clinical Immunology: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition

From 1787 to 1842, Wordsworth is preoccupied with the themes of loss and death, and with "natural piety" in the lives of people and nations. Beginning with his consciousness of the Bards and Druids of Cumbria, this book treats Wordsworth's oeuvre, includi ...

نویسندهRobert R. Rich MD, Thomas A. Fleisher MD, William T. Sh...
Recombinant Antibodies for Immunotherapy

In this riveting and timely work, John P. Lizza presents the first comprehensive analysis of personhood and humanity in the context of defining death. Rejecting the common assumption that human or personal death is simply a biological phenomenon for biolo ...

نویسندهMelvyn Little PhD
Manual of Allergy and Immunology: Diagnosis and Therapy, 4th Edition (Spiral Manual Series)

This groundbreaking book explores the relationship between organizational identity and strategy and proposes a practical strategy-making process that helps to avoid the typical pitfalls in strategic change processes. In doing so, the author bridges an imp ...

نویسندهDaniel C. Adelman
Immunoglobulin Genes

33,000 pages 44 million words 10 billion years of history 1 obsessed man Part memoir and part education (or lack thereof), The Know-It-All chronicles NPR contributor A.J. Jacobs's hilarious, enlightening, and seemingly impossible quest to read the Encycl ...

نویسندهT. Honjo, F. W. Alt
BLyS Ligands and Receptors

What do we know of the real Nebuchadnezzar? Was there an historical precedent for the mythical Gilgamesh? Who were the Hittites? When did Isaiah preach? How did Jezebel get her reputation?These and many more questions are answered in this fascinating surv ...

نویسندهPascal Schneider (auth.), Michael P. Cancro (eds.)
Advances in Immunology, Vol. 60

From the acclaimed author of A Breath of Fresh Air, this beautiful novel takes us to modern India during the height of the summer’s mango season. Heat, passion, and controversy explode as a woman is forced to decide between romance and tradition.Every you ...

نویسندهFrank J. Dixon (Ed.)
Immunodiagnostics: A Practical Approach

A Davis's Notes book. Accessing an intravenous site and delivering fluids and medicine can be a difficult and frightening experience for students. IV Med Notes alleviates students' fears by providing up-to-date information needed to safely administer medi ...

نویسندهR. Edwards
Specialization and Complementation of Humoral Immune Responses to Infection

Based on interviews with almost a hundred activists, this book provides a detailed history of the struggle for disability rights in the United States. It is a complex story of shifts in consciousness and shifts in policy, of changing focuses on particular ...

نویسندهTim Manser
From Innate Immunity to Immunological Memory

This text introduces the concepts of information warfare from a non-military, organizational perspective. It is designed to stimulate managers to develop policies, strategies, and tactics for the aggressive use and defence of their data and knowledge base ...

نویسندهBali Pulendran, Rafi Ahmed
Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors

Das Buch entspringt zwei Vorlesungen, die Hans Primas an der ETH Zürich gehalten hat. Es vermittelt die Grundlagen der allgemeinen Spektroskopie und erarbeitet die dazu erforderlichen theoretischen Hilfsmittel: Thermostatik, statistische Mechanik, Dichteo ...

نویسندهChristian Schudt, Gordon Dent, Klaus F. Rabe, Clive Pag...
Advances in Immunology, Vol. 96

What do the gangsta rap devotee, the grizzled blues fanatic, the bearded folk fan, the goth and the indie kid have in common? Ask and they will all say the same thing: death and popular music have forever danced hand-in-hand in funereal waltz time. Music ...

نویسندهFrederick W. Alt (Ed.)
Lymphocyte Homing to the Skin: Immunology, Immunopathology, and Therapeutic Perspectives

Few historical issues have occasioned such discussion since at least the time of Marx as the transition from feudalism to capitalism in Western Europe. The Brenner Debate, which reprints from Past and Present various article in 1976, is a scholarly presen ...

نویسندهWolf-Henning Boehncke
RNA Interference

In this groundbreaking book, Mary O'Hara-Devereaux -- an internationally renowned business forecaster -- shows how organizations can hone their competitive edge during these uncertain times. Using the metaphor of traveling through the badlands of the Amer ...

نویسندهPatrick J. Paddison, Patrick J. Paddison, Peter K. Vogt
Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology

This text brings together in a single volume a broad sampling of research and theory applying a feminist perspective to the study of psychology. The editors have assembled a distinguished roster of contributors to address such topics as historical and ...

نویسندهJorge H. Daruna
Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Examining children's rights from a global perspective, Mary John considers how children experience power, being powerful and the transformation of power relationships. She explores this issue objectively yet compassionately, comparing the situation of chi ...

نویسندهAbul K. Abbas
Therapeutic Strategies in Lymphoid Malignancy: An Immunotherapeutic Approach

Emphasising the importance of responding holistically to families and recognising their spiritual and cultural needs, this much-needed book will enable professionals to provide appropriate support and services to families at all stages of the child's illn ...

نویسندهHillmen P. (Editor), Witzig T.E. (Editor)
Intravenous Immunoglobulins in the Third Millennium

Published in France in 1987, this is the book in which Lecoq first set out his philosophy of human movement, and the way it takes expressive form in a wide range of different performance traditions. He traces the history of pantomime, sets out his definit ...

نویسندهDalakas M.C. (Editor), Spath P. (Editor)
Challenging Cases in Allergy and Immunology

Gila Schauer's study of interlanguage pragmatic development in English is situated in the context of studying abroad. It is the first book-length study of a common occurrence worldwide, but one that has not received the focus it deserves. Schauer examines ...

نویسندهDennis K. Ledford, Ron Purcell (auth.), Massoud Mahmoud...
Recombinant Antibodies for Immunotherapy

"Hit-and-run" relationships have become common in our society as it has grown more rootless, less tied to traditional family structures, and more accepting of casual sex. But at the same time, there arises an undercurrent of feeling that something is miss ...

نویسندهMelvyn Little (ed.)
Color Atlas of Immunology

Elevated "into the front rank of urban fantasy heroes" (SF Site), professional wizard Harry Dresden is pledged to fight crime, banish evil, and outwit the masters of dark arts in the shadowy corners of Chicago. Harry, the only wizard in the Chicago phone ...

نویسندهGerd Burmester, Antonio Pezzutto