Immunology at a Glance 7th ed

The year was 1957, the month September, and I had just turned eight years old. Dwight Eisenhower was President, but in my life it was the diminutive, intense Sister Mary Lurana who ruled, at least in the third-grade class where I was held captive. For rea ...

نویسندهJ. H. L. Playfair, B. M. Chain
Human Retroviral Infections: Immunological and Therapeutic Control

Не за горами зима? Тогда вы, может, уже и опоздали с подготовкой автомобиля к этому суровому времени города. Как говорится, готовить сани нужно летом. Рассмотрены проблемы зимней эксплуатации авто со средними показателями – умеренной влажностью и температ ...

نویسندهKenneth E. Ugen, Mauro Bendinelli, Herman Friedman
Clinical Immunology and Serology: A Laboratory Perspective, Third Edition

Веселый стишок для малышей в котором разные животные поют свою песенку. Веселый стишок для малышей в котором разные животные поют свою песенку.

نویسندهChristine Dorresteyn Stevens
Immunopharmacology of Free Radical Species (Handbook of Immunopharmacology)

In 1803 Lewis and Clark set out on their epic expedition across the American wilderness west of the Mississippi, armed with the typical weapon of their day, the single-shot muzzle-loading rifle. By 1865, a variety of breech-loading and repeating arms had ...

نویسندهDavid R. Blake
Immunology Guidebook

Benin, one of Africa's smallest and least viable countries, has always attracted considerable academic attention because of its rich traditions and history, as well as its turbulent political evolution. At one point it held the continental record for the ...

نویسندهJulius Cruse (Editor)
Concise Clinical Immunology for Health Professionals

This book covers a wide range of subjects from Latin literature and language to textual history and criticism. E. D. Francis gives a history of the words prae and pro, as adverb, preposition and prefix. H. D. Jocelyn surveys the distribution and differing ...

نویسندهMary Keogan
Immunosuppressant Analogs in Neuroprotection

This 1955 book is an expanded version of Pantin's 1948 Birkbeck Lectures on the English church in the fourteenth century. The period saw great changes, in part due to the Black Death and its consequences. The work is divided into three parts. In the first ...

نویسندهCesario V. Borlongan, Ole Isacson, Paul R. Sanberg
Antigen Delivery Systems: Immunological and Technological Issues (Drug Targeting and Delivery)

Engineers need to be familiar with the fundamental principles and concepts in materials and structures in order to be able to design structurers to resist failures. For 4 decades, this book has provided engineers with these fundamentals.Thoroughly updated ...

نویسندهBruno Gander, Hans P Merkle, Giampietro Corradin
Roitt's Essential Immunology, Tenth Edition (Essentials)

At once a coming-of-age tale and a heart-rending love story, Wild Ginger explores the devastating experience of the Cultural Revolution, which defined Anchee Min’s youth. The beautiful, iron-willed Wild Ginger is only in elementary school when she is sing ...

نویسندهIvan Roitt, Peter Delves
Corneal Transplantation: An Immunological Guide to the Clinical Problem

Successfully starting and finishing a publishable novel is often like fighting a series of battles - against the page, against one's own self-doubt, against rebellious characters, etc. Featuring timeless, innovative, and concise writing strategies and foc ...

نویسندهJohn V. Forrester, Lucia Kuffova
Immuno-Ophthalmology (Developments in Ophthalmology, Vol. 30)

The book is a selection of Malcolm Budd's papers on aesthetics, some of which have been revised or added to. A number of the essays are aimed at the abstract heart of aesthetics, attempting to solve a cluster of the most important issues in aesthetics whi ...

نویسندهU. Pleyer, Zierhut M., W. Behrens-Baumann
Skin Immune System: Cutaneous Immunology and Clinical Immunodermatology, Third Edition

Examining the economic survival strategies of rural South Africans, this study sheds light on their experiences in respect to four areas of activity: employment in commercial agriculture, small-scale agriculture, non-farm micro-enterprise, and participati ...

نویسندهJan D. Bos
BeadChip Molecular Immunohematology: Toward Routine Donor and Patient Antigen Profiling by DNA Analysis

Current Topics in Developmental Biology provides a comprehensive survey of the major topics in the field of developmental biology. The volumes are valuable to researchers in animal and plant development, as well as to students and professionals who want a ...

نویسندهJohn J. Moulds (auth.), Paul M. Ness, Steve R. Sloan, J...
The Official Parent's Sourcebook on Primary Immunodeficiency

Written from an engineering standpoint, this book provides the theoretical background and physical insight needed to understand new and future developments in the modeling and design of n- and p-MOS nanoscale transistors. A wealth of applications, illustr ...

نویسندهJames N. Parker, Philip M. Parker
The Neuroimmunological Basis of Behavior and Mental Disorders

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an educational innovation for greater diversity and engagement in learning. PBL diversifies learning by catering for interdisciplinary knowledge application and multiple perspectives in problem solving. It also enhances eng ...

نویسندهWilliam A. Banks, Jessica L. Lynch, Tulin O. Price (aut...
Illustrated Dictionary of Immunology, 3rd ed

Acoustic Emission (AE) techniques have been studied in civil engineering for a long time. The techniques are recently going to be more and more applied to practical applications and to be standardized in the codes. This is because the increase of aging st ...

نویسندهJulius M. Cruse, Robert E. Lewis
Mucosal Immunology and Virology

Bone densitometry (BD) is an extraordinary clinical tool. It provides a safe, non-invasive window to the skeleton. Through that window, a physician can obtain vital clinical information that enhances diagnosis and improves patient management. Further, muc ...

نویسندهSK Tyring (Ed.)
Handbook of Human Immunology, 2nd ed

This timely book considers the topical issue of the enlargement processes of the European Union and NATO. The contributors examine issues including: the dual enlargement process and German and Russian relationships with it; NATO and the pan-European secu ...

نویسندهMaurice R.G. O'Gorman, Albert D. Donnenberg
Natural Killer Cells: At the Forefront of Modern Immunology

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille delivers the long-awaited follow-up to his classic novel The Gold Coast. When John Sutter's aristocratic wife killed her mafia don lover, John left America and set out in his sailboat on a three-year jou ...

نویسندهVicente P. C. Peixoto de Toledo, Renato Sathler-Avelar ...
Practical Immunology, 4th ed

This text traces the history of English language spread from the 18th to the beginning of the 21st century, combining that with a study of its langauge change. It links linguistic and sociolinguistic variables that have conditioned the evolution and chang ...

نویسندهFrank C. Hay, Olwyn M.R. Westwood