DNA Vaccines: Methods and Protocols

Sociologists are increasingly aware that analyses of social life must include a consideration of how the social may be structured by the sexual. In turn, this insight is contributing to a shift in understandings of sociology. This volume - drawn from pape ...

نویسندهMonica Rinaldi, Daniela Fioretti, Sandra Iurescia (eds....
Challenging Cases in Allergy and Immunology

نویسندهDennis K. Ledford, Ron Purcell (auth.), Massoud Mahmoud...
Immunologic Signatures of Rejection

====== Quatrième de couverture :     Un manuel classique, qui a formé des générations successives de lycéens : le « Malet-Isaac » occupe une place de choix dans la mémoire scolaire française. Son succès fut aussi la sanction de ses qualités : un récit ch ...

نویسندهEna Wang, Francesco M. Marincola (auth.), Francesco M. ...
Neonatal Immunity (Contemporary Immunology)

نویسندهConstantin Bona
Monoclonal Antibodies: Methods and Protocols

Charismatic and committed, John F. Kennedy remains one of the most revered, and most disliked, of US Presidents. Dedicated to changing 'the look' of the American Presidency, Kennedy was also pledged to changing the nature of US foreign policy-making. Vict ...

نویسندهVincent Ossipow, Nicolas Fischer (eds.)
Cancer Vaccines: Methods and Protocols

An examination of nuclear arms control and defence containing papers that present opposing sides of the debate. Nuclear deterrence, Britain's defence budget, the state of Anglo-American relations, NATO strategies and Mr Gorbachev's security arrangements i ...

نویسندهMichael J.P. Lawman, Patricia D. Lawman (eds.)
Microbiology and Immunology (Board Review Series)

The new edition of this classic O’Reilly reference provides clear, detailed explanations of every feature in the C language and runtime library, including multithreading, type-generic macros, and library functions that are new in the 2011 C standard (C11) ...

نویسندهRichard J. Ziegler, Louise Hawley, Benjamin Clarke
Nickel and the Skin: Absorption, Immunology, Epidemiology, and Metallurgy (Dermatology, Clinical and Basic Science)

نویسندهJurij J. Hostynek, Howard I. Maibach
DNA pharmaceuticals: formulation and delivery in gene therapy, DNA vaccination and immunotherapy

نویسندهMartin Schleef
Practical Immunopathology of the Skin (Current Clinical Pathology)

نویسندهBruce R. Smoller
Antigen Processing: Methods and Protocols

Why do judges study legal sources which originated outside their own national legal system, and how do they use arguments from these sources in deciding domestic cases? Based on interviews with judges, this book presents the inside story of how judges eng ...

نویسندهStefan Tenzer, Tobias Hain, Hendrik Berger, Hansjörg Sc...
Transplantation Immunology: Methods and Protocols

This volume brings together contributions by philosophers, art historians and artists who discuss, interpret and analyse the moving and gesturing body in the arts. Broadly inspired by phenomenology, and taking into account insights from cognitive science, ...

نویسندهSidonia B. G. Eckle, Jamie Rossjohn, James McCluskey (a...
Psychoneuroimmunology, Two-Volume Set, Volume 1-2, Fourth Edition

نویسندهRobert Ader
Uveitis and Immunological Disorders (Essentials in Ophthalmology)

A striking look at the death rituals of an indigenous community in North America. A striking look at the death rituals of an indigenous community in North America.

نویسندهUwe Pleyer, Bartly Mondino
Cellular and Molecular Immunology 6th Edition

نویسندهAbul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai
Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Tenth Edition

This book provides new and stimulating perspectives on how Kosovo has shaped the new Europe. It breaks down traditional assumptions in the field of security studies by sidelining the theoretical worldview that underlies mainstream strategic thinking on re ...

نویسندهWarren Levinson
The Official Parent's Sourcebook on Primary Immunodeficiency

Completely updated every year, Frommer's Seattle features 16 pages of gorgeous color photos of the sights and experiences that await you. Our expert author has combed the city looking for the best hotels, restaurants, shops, and nightlife spots, and has ...

نویسندهJames N. Parker, Philip M. Parker
One Stop Doc Immunology

Методическое пособие о речевом развитии ребенка от рождения до трех лет написано с учетом основных педагогических и логопедических принципов. В нем теоретически обосновано появление звуков, объясняются причины возникновения нарушения звукопроизношения и с ...

نویسندهStephen Boag, Amy Sadler, John Stewart
Immunology for Life Scientists, 2nd edition

نویسندهLesley-Jane Eales
Handbook of Research on Artificial Immune Systems and Natural Computing: Applying Complex Adaptive Technologies

A sneak peek at Oracle's newly launched WebLogic 12c, guiding you through new features and techniques Overview A concise and practical first look to immediately get you started with Oracle Weblogic 12c Understand the position and use of Oracle WebLogic ...

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