Current Methods in Forensic Gunshot Residue Analysis

"Globalizing the Sacred breaks new ground in our understanding of the transnational role of religion. Based on case studies in the Americas, this book challenges modernist assumptions about the ways Christians communicate and interact in an increasingly g ...

نویسندهA. J. Schwoeble, David L. Exline
Retrospective Assessment of Mental States in Litigation: Predicting the Past

The aim of this book is to provide an inexpensive and accessible text that discusses issues of qualitative research and its potential role in enhancing the theoretical base of both occupational and physical therapy.The comprehensive coverage is useful to ...

نویسندهRobert I. Simon
Forensic Anthropology

This is a 3-in-1 reference book. It gives a complete medical dictionary covering hundreds of terms and expressions relating to juvenile diabetes. It also gives extensive lists of bibliographic citations. Finally, it provides information to users on how to ...

نویسندهBradley J., Ph.D. Adams
Forensic Pathology for Police, Death Investigators, Attorneys, and Forensic Scientists

This book offers a model of classroom discourse analysis that uses systemic functional linguistic theory and associated genre theory to develop a view of classroom episodes as "curriculum genres", some of which operate in turn as part of larger unities of ...

نویسندهJoseph Prahlow (auth.)
Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream - A Forensic Psychiatrist Illuminates the Darker Side of Human Behavior

نویسندهRobert I. Simon
The Devil's Dozen - How Cutting Edge Forensics Took Down 12 Notorious Serial Killers

نویسندهKatherine Ramsland
Essential Forensic Biology

نویسندهAlan Gunn
Guide to Forensic Pathology

DVD Includes openSUSE 10.3   openSUSE Linux Unleashed presents comprehensive coverage of the community version of SUSE Linux, one of the most popular and most complete Linux distributions in the world.   This book provides detailed information on inst ...

نویسندهJay Dix, Robert Calaluce
Forensic Radiology

نویسندهB. G. Brogdon, Mark D. Viner
Forensic Dentistry

نویسندهJeremy Rich, Dorothy E. Dean, Robert H. Powers
Forensic Pathology,

“Don Sexton has managed to weld key ideas from marketing, economics, finance, and statistics to explain clearly how marketing drives the financial performance of a company. Furthermore, he has given us forward control through his Customer Value Added™ met ...

نویسندهDominick DiMaio, Vincent J.M. DiMaio M.D.
Color Atlas of Forensic Pathology

نویسندهJay Dix
Marijuana and the Cannabinoids

نویسندهMahmoud A. Elsohly
Propriétés Spectrales des Algèbres de Banach

О книге:Непосредственной сдаче экзамена или зачета по любой учебной дисциплине всегда предшествует краткий период, когда студент должен сосредоточиться, систематизировать свои знания. Выражаясь компьютерным языком, он должен ?вывести информацию из долговр ...

نویسندهProf. Dr. Bernard Aupetit (auth.)
Forensic Neuropathology

In one of the few studies of the early immigrant Orthodox rabbinate in North America, author Ira Robinson has delved into the Jewish community in Montreal in the first three decades of the twentieth century. "Rabbis & their Community" introduces several r ...

نویسندهHelen L. Whitwell
Forensic Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

This text describes global best practices, competencies, and standards of superior project organizations based on research conducted by the Top 500 Project Management Forum. It details the results of seven years of benchmarking and the bottom line value o ...

نویسندهDavid Canter
Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences

Dams as Aid is a critical analysis of the funding and building of dams in the developing world. Drawing on the experiences in the Nordic region, Usher explores the mechanisms through which international aid subsidizes dams to create new markets, and the e ...

نویسندهSiegel J.A., Saukko P.J., Knupfer G.C.
Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals

О книге:Пилотное изданиеЭта книга увидела свет задолго до своего выхода из печатного станка. Ее главы, размноженные на ксероксе, с интересом читали и многознающие ученые и могущественные чиновники, и успешные предприниматели. Почему так произошло, откуда ...

نویسندهGeorge Reis
The Use of Forensic Anthropology

Two issues little discussed in the generative literature are the internal structure of pronouns and what it is in Syntax that triggers pronominal reference. This monograph treats these two topics in detail and investigates whether pronominal (strong, weak ...

نویسندهRobert B. Pickering, David Bachman
Practical Analysis and Reconstruction of Shooting Incidents

* This book deals with the fundamentals of genetic algorithms and their applications in a variety of different areas of engineering and science* Most significant update to the second edition is the MATLAB codes that accompany the text* Provides a thorough ...

نویسندهEdward E. Hueske