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Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease

نویسندهVinay Kumar, Nelso Fausto, Abul Abbas
Oxidative Stress in Cancer AIDS and Neurodegenerative Diseases

نویسندهLuc Montagnier, Rene Olivier, Catherine Pasquier
100 Q&A About Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): A Lahey Clinic Guide

The revival of historical sociology in recent decades has largely neglected the contributions of Max Weber. Yet Weber's writings offer a fundamental resource for analyzing problems of comparative historical development. Stephen Kalberg rejects the view th ...

نویسندهDavid L. Burns
Practical Manual of Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease

This study focuses on the national higher education policies and institutional strategies that foster or hinder individual Russian universities in applying newfound principles of autonomy. This new autonomy has become more dramatic with the decentralizati ...

نویسندهAsit Arora, Neil Tolley, R. Michael Tuttle
Nutrigenomics and proteomics in health and disease: food factors and gene interactions

نویسندهYoshinori Mine Ph.D, Kazuo Miyashita, Fereidoon Shahidi
Flavonoids in Health and Disease

Atlas Of Diseases Of The Kidney

نویسندهRobert W. Schrier
Alzheimer z disease advances in etiology, pathogenesis a therapeutics

نویسندهKhalid Iqbal, Sangram S. Sisodia, Bengt Winblad
Hematopathology: Genomic Mechanisms of Neoplastic Diseases

A theory of Clinical Bioethics based on the integration of the moral logic of health care practice ("internal morality") and the larger social concerns and processes ("external morality") Clinical Bioethics. A Search for the Foundations compares major th ...

نویسندهBobby L. Boyanton Jr, Jennifer R. Rushton MD (auth.), D...
Advanced Therapy in Gastroenterology and Liver Disease

The Economic Crisis and the State of Economics brings together leading economists from a diverse set of backgrounds and presents their take on how economics can explain the current crisis but also how the crisis will affect economic thought. The Econo ...

نویسندهTheodore M. Bayless, Anna Mae Diehl M.D.
Memory in Neurodegenerative Disease: Biological, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives

The field known as health occupations - which includes dental hygienists, medical assistants, paramedics, and radiographers - is experiencing blistering growth and staunch competition. In order to establish a career in the field, it is necessary to attend ...

نویسندهAlexander I. Tröster
The Clinician's Guide to Liver Disease

In this interdisciplinary study of sentimental discourse of the late eighteenth century, David J. Denby sheds new light on Enlightenment thought and sensibility. He situates sentimental subliterature in its social and political context, analyzing how its ...

نویسندهK. Rajender Reddy MD, Thomas Faust MD
Advances in Understanding Aortic Diseases

نویسندهGeoffrey D. Rubin (auth.), Teruhisa Kazui M.D., Shinich...
Drug interactions in infectious diseases

Бизнес-план инвестиционного проекта. Отечественный и зарубежный опыт. Современная практика и документация. Уч. Пособие. КНИГИ,НАУКА и УЧЕБА учебное пособие для студентов экономических специальностей высших учебных заведенийРоссийская экономическая акаде ...

نویسندهV.S. Georgiev
Human Demography and Disease

Nazi Germany's efforts to weaken the United States by subversion failed miserably. Bungling spies were captured and half-hearted efforts at sabotage came to nothing. Yet anyone who lived through WWII remembers the chilling posters warning Americans that " ...

نویسندهSusan Scott, C. J. Duncan
Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes

This book distills the wealth of knowledge contained in the classic text, Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach, 4/e into a practical guide for primary care, family medicine, and internal medicine residents. Written by top experts in the field, t ...

نویسندهJohn A. Plumb, Larry A. Hanson
Craniofacial sutures: development, diseases and treatment: 10 tables

نویسندهDavid P. Rice
Coronary heart disease in clinical practice

نویسندهSatish Mittal,NetLibrary, Inc.
Cornea and external eye disease

نویسندهThomas Reinhard, Frank Larkin
Color atlas of pathology: pathologic principles, associated diseases, sequela

نویسندهUrsus-Nikolaus Riede, John Grossman