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Cardiac Surgery - Congenital Heart Disease

نویسندهKirklin, Barrak-boyes
Retinal Degenerative Diseases: Laboratory and Therapeutic Investigations

This book offers convenient access to information about the benefits, drawbacks and challenges of importing high-technology medical care into the home care programs. It is both a descriptive report of research-based observations, and an interpretive anal ...

نویسندهYogita Kanan, Michael Centola, Frank Bart, Muayyad R. A...
Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Disease

With a balance of theory and practical applications, Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains is essential reading for research geologists and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in the earth sciences.This book describes how tectonic events influen ...

نویسندهMark H. DeLegge
Bacterial Fish Pathogens: Disease of Farmed and Wild Fish (Springer Praxis Books / Environmental Sciences)

نویسندهB. Austin, D.A. Austin
Animal Models of Human Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Extend the power and flexibility of Blender with the help of the high-level, easy-to-learn scripting language, Python Gain control of all aspects of Blender using the powerful Python language Create complex meshes programmatically and apply materials ...

نویسندهLawrence S. Chan
Lipidomics And Bioactive Lipids Specialized Analytical Methods And Lipids In Disease

نویسندهH. Alex Brown
Disease Control in Crops: Biological and Environmentally-Friendly Approaches

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in ethics, particularly in the approaches of deconstruction and hermeneutics. At the same time, questions of identity have risen to prominence in philosophy and beyond into cultural studies and literature. S ...

نویسندهDale Walters
Molecular Mimicry: Infection Inducing Autoimmune Disease

An account that analyzes the dynamic reasoning processes implicated in a fundamental problem of creativity in science: how does genuine novelty emerge from existing representations? An account that analyzes the dynami ...

نویسندهMichael B. A. Oldstone
The Hereditary Basis of Rheumatic Diseases

An anthology of Rilke's strongest poetry and prose for both aficionados and new readers.Here is a mini-anthology of poetry and prose for both aficionados and those readers discovering Rainer Maria Rilke for the first time. John J. L. Mood has assembled a ...

نویسندهRikard Holmdahl
Pediatric infectious diseases revisited

نویسندهStefan Wirth
Immunogenetics of Autoimmune Disease

نویسندهJorge R. Oksenberg, David Brassat
Viruses and Human Disease, Second Edition

"Every student is a genius," declares author Thomas Armstrong, and an educator's most important job is to discover and nurture the "genius qualities" that all students were born with but that may no longer be obvious. Urging readers to look beyond traditi ...

نویسندهJames H. Strauss, Ellen G. Strauss
Stem Cells in Development and Disease

Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine deal with a group often Hindu Tantric goddesses, the Mahavidyas, who embody habits, attributes or identities usually considered repulsive or socially subversive. It is within the context of tantric worship that devot ...

نویسندهGerald P. Schatten (Eds.)
Genome Stability And Human Diseases

نویسندهRobert P. Fisher (auth.), Heinz-Peter Nasheuer (eds.)
Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

نویسندهRichard P. Lifton, Stefan Somlo, Gerhard H. Giebisch, D...
The Kidney in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases

نویسندهJustin C Mason, Charles Pusey, Ronald Asherson
The Aging Kidney in Health and Disease

نویسندهJuan F. Macías-Núñez, J. Stewart Cameron, Dimitrios G. ...
The Encyclopedia of Autoimmune Diseases

نویسندهCassell, Dana K.; Rose, Noel R.
Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection in Parkinson's Disease

Most books in wireless communications address technical subjects which are relevant to ground mobile systems. Volume 2: Terrestrial and Mobile Interference of the Wireless Communications Design Handbook addresses a topic frequently overlooked in ground mo ...

نویسندهC. W. Olanow, Peter Jenner, Moussa Youdim
Parkinson's Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier

From the Aboriginal fringe camps of his birth to the catwalk, basketball court, DJ console and more—this is a new anniversary edition of Boori Monty Pryor's life, his pain, his joy, and his hopes, and is as powerful now as it was when it was first publish ...

نویسندهShelley Peterman Schwarz