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Alzheimer's Disease: Advances in Etiology, Pathogenesis and Therapeutics

В основу книги положен полугодовой курс лекций, читаемый авторами на физическом факультете. Кроме традиционного материала по курсу теории вероятностей большое место уделено важной для физики теории случайных процессов: марковских м стационарных. Изложение ...

نویسندهIqubal K. (ed.), Sisodia S.S. (ed.), Winblad B. (ed.)
Signal Transduction and Human Disease

Epitaxy is a very active area of theoretical research since several years. It is experimentally well-explored and technologically relevant for thin film growth. Recently powerful numerical techniques in combination with a deep understanding of the physica ...

نویسندهToren Finkel, J. Silvio Gutkind
Renal Disease. Techniques and Protocols

В книге впервые дается достаточно полное и систематическое изложение механики неголономных систем, включающее кинематику и динамику неголономных систем с классическими неголономными связями, теорию устойчивости неголономных систем, технические задачи о пу ...

نویسندهGoligorsky M.S.
Cytokines and Disease

oin the Cryptokids as they apply basic mathematics to make and break secret codes. This book has many hands-on activities that have been tested in both classrooms and informal settings. Classic coding methods are discussed, such as Caesar, substitution, V ...

نویسندهFeldmann M., Brennan F.M.
Molecular Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases

Noncommutative Geometry and Cayley-smooth Orders explains the theory of Cayley-smooth orders in central simple algebras over function fields of varieties. In particular, the book describes the étale local structure of such orders as well as their central ...

نویسندهElles R.
Molecular Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases

In his work on rings of operators in Hilbert space, John von Neumann discovered a new mathematical structure that resembled the lattice system Ln. In characterizing its properties, von Neumann founded the field of continuous geometry.This book, based on v ...

نویسندهRob Elles
Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

he purpose of this book is to explore the rich and elegant interplay that exists between the two main currents of mathematics, the continuous and the discrete. Such fundamental notions in discrete mathematics as induction, recursion, combinatorics, number ...

نویسندهRoland Kontermann, Stefan Dübel
Cerebrovascular Disease

Enflo (mechanics, Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm) and Hedberg (mechanical engineering, Blekinge Tekniska Höskola, Karlskrona, Sweden) explain the theory with an equal stress on physical and mathematical foundations, believing that a unified approach ...

نویسندهChan P.H. (ed.)
Feed Your Genes Right: Eat to Turn Off Disease-Causing Genes and Slow Down Aging

This volume contains a selection of more than 80 of Yuval Ne'eman's papers, which represent his huge contribution to a large number of aspects of theoretical physics. The works span more than four decades, from unitary symmetry and quarks to questions of ...

نویسندهJack Challem, Kilmer S. McCully
Prion Diseases

Mr. Lawton Tam (Formerly Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO))"The book will be invaluable for those who have not had formal education in spatial data and spatial data systems. Based on what I have read, I wish I had your book when I was working. I c ...

نویسندهBaker H.F., Ridley R.M.
Vascular Disease. Molecular Biology and Gene Transfer Protocols

Ajax applications should be open yet secure. Far too often security is added as an afterthought. Potential flaws need to be identified and addressed right away. This book explores Ajax and web application security with an eye for dangerous gaps and offers ...

نویسندهAndrew H. Baker
Patterson's Allergic Diseases

Излагаются традиционные разделы математического анализа: дифференциальное и интегральное исчисления функции одной и многих переменных, теория рядов. Для студентов физико-математических и инженерно-физических специальностей вузов. Во второй том курса входя ...

نویسندهLeslie C. Grammer, Paul A. Greenberger
Disease Mapping with WINBUGS and ML Win

Wireless communication slowly is becoming reality. In a wireless world, a printer is installed automatically after it is turned on; keyboard and mouse cables no longer become hopelessly tangled; Palm Pilots and mobile telephones automatically synchronize ...

نویسندهAndrew B. Lawson, William J. Browne, Carmen L. Vidal Ro...
Proteomic and Genomic Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease

Книга представляет собой вторую часть монографии выдающегося английского математика Э. Ч. Титчмарша, первая часть которой была выпущена в свет Издательством иностранной литературы. Вторая часть в основном посвящена теории разложений по собственным функция ...

نویسندهJennifer E. Van Eyk, Michael J. Dunn