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Skin diseases of the dog and cat: clinical and histopathologic diagnosis

Work with patients with severe neuroses very often has to cope with the phenomenon that every progress in the analytic or therapeutic work is followed paradoxically by a clinical deterioration. There are a number of dynamic factors that converge to bring ...

نویسندهD. I. Grant
Microbe-vector interactions in vector-borne diseases

Данная книга представляет собой справочник, в котором представлено полное и подробное описание одной конкретной микросхемы - микроконтроллера ATiny2313 семейства AVR фирмы Atmel. Описание построено на основе оригинальной технической документации на микрос ...

نویسندهS.H. Gillespie, G.L. Smith and A. Osbourn
Resveratrol in Health and Disease

Приведены принципиальные электрические схемы устройств электропитания бытовой РЭА, даны их технико-эксплуатационные характеристики и краткое описание принципов построения и работы. Приведены общие сведения о применяемых в устройствах электропитания компле ...

نویسندهBharat B. Aggarwal, Shishir Shishodia
Cytokines (Growth Factors & Cytokines in Health & Disease)

Вы мечтаете иметь одаренных детей или внуков, которые будут хорошо учиться в шко-ле, овладеют множеством знаний, творческих профессий, станут деловыми и предприим-чивыми? Теперь это можно осуществить по желанию родителей, так как изобретены и проверены на ...

نویسندهC. Bondy, D. LeRoith
Advances in Insect Physiology

نویسندهStephen J. Simpson and Jeacuterocircme Casas (Eds.)
Signaling in Human Disease MBIU

Practical Raspberry Pi takes you quickly through the hardware and software basics of the Raspberry Pi. Author Brendan Horan then gets you started on a series of fun and practical projects, including a simple temperature sensor, a media center, a real-time ...

نویسندهAltaba Hedgehog-Gli
Hemp Diseases and Pests

К.: «Радioаматор»,Изложены принципы построения многофункциональных зеркальных антенн, выполняющих одновременно несколько функций (формирование многолучевой диаграммы направленности, трансформация рефлектора, сканирование главным лепестком диаграммы направ ...

نویسندهR C Clarke, J M McPartland, D P Watson
Polyomaviruses and Human Diseases

Your one-stop UK shop for clear, concise explanations to all the important concepts in electronics and tons of direction for building simple, fun electronic projects.The 8 mini-books in this 1 volume include:Getting Started with ElectronicsWorking with Ba ...

نویسندهNasimul Ahsan M.D., FACP, Keerti V. Shah M.D., Dr.P.H. ...
Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases

نویسندهV.S. Georgiev
Genes and Common Diseases (Cambridge

Includes three knitting books in one: Knitting for Babies, Great Gifts, and Fabulous Scarves, each with twelve gorgeous, original patterns. Includes three knitting books in one: Knitting for Babies, Great Gifts, and Fabulous Scarves, each with twelve ...

Disease mapping with WinBUGS and MLwiN

This book examines a wide range of contemporary Russian writers whose work, after the demise of Communism, became more authoritative in debates on Russia’s character, destiny, and place in the world. Unique in his in-depth analysis of both playful postmod ...

نویسندهAndrew B. Lawson, William J. Browne, Carmen L. Vidal Ro...
Imaging of Urogenital Diseases: A Color Atlas

In this comprehensive yet compact monograph, Michel Barsoum, one of the pioneers in the field and the leading figure in MAX phase research, summarizes and explains, from both an experimental and a theoretical viewpoint, all the features that are necessary ...

نویسندهLuigi Grazioli
The Encyclopedia of Parkinson's Disease (Facts on File Library of Health and Living)

نویسندهAnthony D. Mosley, Deborah S. Romaine
Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases: Modern Methodologies

نویسندهMichel Tibayrenc
The Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases and Disorders (Facts on File Library of Health and Living)

نویسندهWilliam Petit Jr., Christine Adamec
Understanding Heart Disease

نویسندهArthur Selzer
Current Topics in Developmental Biology, Vol. 59

National assessment has been introduced in many countries to monitor children's progress in mathematics and to exert some influence over their curriculum experience. In England, children undertake national tests whose results are also used to compare scho ...

نویسندهGerald P. Schatten (Ed.)
Practical Gastroenterology and Hepatology: Liver and Biliary Disease

A collection of articles by leading experts in theoretical computer science, this volume commemorates the 75th birthday of Professor Rani Siromoney, one of the pioneers in the field in India. The articles span the vast range of areas that Professor Siromo ...

نویسندهNicholas J. Talley, Keith D. Lindor, Hugo E. Vargas
Parkinson's Disease and Parkinsonism in the Elderly

This step-by-step program opens the door to achieving emotional power. Instructions are given on how emotional literacy -- intelligence with a heart -- can be learned through practising specific exercises that foster the awareness of emotion in oneself an ...

نویسندهJolyon Meara, William C. Koller
Diagnosis Aging Skin Diseases

نویسندهRobert A. Norman, A.M. Kligman