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An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry

The Racial Contract puts classic Western social contract theory, deadpan, to extraordinary radical use. With a sweeping look at the European expansionism and racism of the last five hundred years, Charles W. Mills demonstrates how this peculiar and unackn ...

نویسندهWilliam M. Boothby
Combinatorial topology Volume 1

«Американская мечта» — специфический феномен национального сознания американцев. Возникшая как идеал американской буржуазной демократии, «американская мечта» стала пропагандистским лозунгом буржуазных идеологов США. Авторы останавливаются на наиболее ...

نویسندهP. S Aleksandrov
Plane geometry

نویسندهWilliam Betz, Harrison E. Webb
New Plane Geometry

Most research on female labor migration in Thailand focuses on that country's infamous sex industry. Mary Beth Mills offers the first extended ethnographic analysis of rural women's movement into less visible occupations, paying particular attention to th ...

نویسندهWooster Woodruff Beman, David Eugene Smith
Ancient Hindu Geometry: The Science Of The Sulba

This collection of original papers presents current research on linguistic aspects of the Spanish used in the United States. The authors examine such topics as language maintenance and language shift, language choice, the bilingual's discourse patterns, v ...

نویسندهBibhutibhusan Datta
Advanced Euclidean Geometry (Dover Books on Mathematics)

A historical reconstruction and analysis of the trial of Gaius Verres, former governor of Sicily, who was prosecuted for corruption by Cicero in a trial that signaled the end of an era in the Roman world. A historical reconstruction and analysis ...

نویسندهRoger A. Johnson
Contact and Symplectic Geometry (Publications of the Newton Institute)

نویسندهCharles Benedict Thomas
The elements of non-Euclidean plane geometry and trigonometry

نویسندهH. S. Carslaw
The elements of plane analytic geometry

نویسندهGeorge R. Briggs
The Seiberg-Witten Equations and Applications to the Topology of Smooth Four-Manifolds. (MN-44)

Despite children making up around a quarter of the population, the first edition of this book was the first to focus on a public health approach to the health and sickness of children and young people. It combined clinical and academic perspectives to exp ...

نویسندهJohn W. Morgan
Chauvenet's treatise on elementary geometry

Książka w oryginale nosi tytuł „Historie nebezpečí sexu” co się powinno tłumaczyć „Historie niebezpiecznego seksu”, jednak autor tłumaczenia nie znał słowa seks. Książka omawia historię kiły, skąd się pojawiła, jak się roznosiła i historyczne metody jej ...

نویسندهW. E. Byerly
Topology Now! (Classroom Resource Material)

Using ancient Armenian versions, it has been possible to retrieve the original Greek short version of both martyrologies. The textual layers can be interpreted as a mirror of the norms of Christian behavior during the period of persecution. The critical e ...

نویسندهRobert Messer, Philip Straffin
Low-Dimensional Geometry: From Euclidean Surfaces to Hyperbolic Knots (Student Mathematical Library: Ias Park City Mathematical Subseries)

نویسندهFrancis Bonahon
Profinite Groups, Arithmetic, and Geometry

How did a Venice Beach T-shirt vendor become television's most successful producer? How did an entrepreneur who started in a garage create the most iconic product launches in business history? How did a timid pastor's son overcome a paralyzing fear of pub ...

نویسندهStephen S. Shatz
Non-Riemannian Geometry

نویسندهLuther Pfahler Eisenhart
Lectures on Coarse Geometry

نویسندهJohn Roe
Elementary Topology

نویسندهDick Wick Hall & Guilford L. Spencer II
New Scientific Applications of Geometry and Topology (Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics, V. 45)

نویسندهDe Witt L. Sumners
Lectures on introduction to algebraic topology, (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Lectures on mathematics and physics. Mathematics, 44)

If you struggle with low self-esteem, or you’re seeking positive and effective ways of building a healthy sense of self-worth, this much-anticipated fourth edition of the best-selling classic by Matthew McKay is your go-to guide. This fully revised editio ...

نویسندهGeorges de Rham
Differential Geometry, Global Analysis, and Topology: Proceedings of a Special Session of the Canadian Mathematical Society Summer Meeting Held June (Conference ... Proceedings, Canadian Mathematical Society)

Michael Horton’s highly anticipated The Christian Faith represents his magnum opus and will be viewed as one of―if not the―most important systematic theologies since Louis Berkhof wrote his in 1932. A prolific, award-winning author and theologian, Profe ...

نویسندهA. Nicas