The Marketing Toolkit: Bite-sized Wisdom, Perfect for Busy People Who Would Sooner Be Succeeding, Not Reading

This review shows that the measurement of viscoelastic properties is a powerful tool in the study of thermoreversible gels. Although many conclusions may be drawn about network development and its structure, it is also shown that the use of additional tec ...

نویسندهJeff Della Mura
Contemporary Research in E-marketing, Volume 1, 2004

What make someone a good human being? Is there an objective answer to this question, an answer that can be given in naturalistic terms? For ages philosophers have attempted to develop some sort of naturalistic ethics. Against ethical naturalism, however, ...

نویسندهSandeep Krishnamurthy
Marketing and Multicultural Diversity (New Perspectives in Marketing)

نویسندهC. P. Rao
CIM Revision Cards:Marketing Management in Practice 05 06 (Cim Revision Card)

Everyone wants to know the secret to attracting abundance! However, until now, books on wealth creation have overlooked the powerful forces available inside each of us that we can harness and direct in order to manifest the abundance we desire and deserve ...

نویسندهmarketing Knowledge
Marketing Identities through Language: English and Global Imagery in French Advertising

Over the past century, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has built a vast network of water management infrastructure that includes approximately 700 dams, 14,000 miles of levees, 12,000 miles of river navigation channels and control structures, harbors and ...

نویسندهElizabeth Martin
International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy, 4th Edition

نویسندهSak Onkvisit
Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies Used by Major Studios and Independents

Prior to Google+, Photographers relied on a mix of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other services to display their work and interact with others. No single service provided photographers with a complete set of tools that allowed them to connect with others ...

نویسندهRobert Marich
Market Segmentation: Conceptual and Methodological Foundations (International Series in Quantitative Marketing)

This revised and updated edition of Advanced Soil Mechanics presents a step-by-step guide to all aspects of the subject to students, and addresses a wide range of topics in a logical and extensively illustrated approach, including: grain-size distribution ...

نویسندهMichel Wedel, Wagner A. Kamakura
The New Marketing

نویسندهMalcolm McDonald, Hugh Wilson
Promote Your Business: How to Write Effective Marketing Material for Your Small Business

نویسندهMary Morel
Services Marketing: Text and Cases

Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith’s new book is an extraordinary achievement, an eye-opening account of how, over the past four decades, the American Dream has been dismantled and we became two Americas.   In his bestselling The Russians, Smith took mi ...

نویسندهSteve Baron, Kim Harris
Voice-of-the-Customer Marketing: A Revolutionary 5-Step Process to Create Customers Who Care, Spend, and Stay

А.А. ГируцкийВведение в языкознание От издателя.Учебное пособие.Пособие полностью соответствует образовательному стандарту высшей школы по курсу «Введение в языкознание». Содержание книги отражает актуальное научное знание о рассматриваемых в курсе явлени ...

نویسندهErnan Roman
Marketing Research: A Practical Approach

نویسندهBonita Kolb
The Postcolonial Exotic: Marketing the Margins

Radar is a legal necessity for the safe navigation of merchant ships and, within vessel traffic services, is indispensable to the operation of major ports and harbors. Target Detection by Marine Radar concentrates solely on civil marine operations and exp ...

نویسندهGraham Huggan
Content is King: writing and editing online (Emarketing Essentials)

Now, for the first time, there’s a complete, authorized guide to template design, development, and customization with Joomla!. Packed with examples, this clear, concise, practical text covers everything from beginning-level skills to power techniques–even ...

نویسندهDavid Mill
Marketing and Social Construction: Exploring the Rhetorics of Managed Consumption (Routledge Interpretive Market Research Series)

نویسندهChris Hackley
Integrated Marketing Communication: A Primer

Socialism after Hayek recasts and reinvigorates the socialist quest for class justice by rendering it compatible with Hayek's social and economic theories. Theodore A. Burczak puts forth a conception of socialism from a postmodern perspective, drawing fro ...

نویسندهPhilip Kitchen, Patrick De Pelsmacker
Boomer Marketing: Selling to a Recession Resistant Market

« Acropole des brouillards, perle de l’Occident » , le Mont-Saint-Michel n’est pas seulement un monument en tous points remarquable, un site parmi les plus célèbres de France. C’est aussi un haut lieu de l’Histoire, un énigmatique sanctuaire, le phare d’u ...

نویسندهIan Chaston
101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site: Filled with Proven Internet Marketing Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Draw Real Estate Buyers and Sellers to Your Site (101 Ways series)

نویسندهSusan Sweeney
Strategic Marketing: An Introduction

In "Signatures of the Visible", one of America's most influential critics explores film and its culture, interrogating the relationship between the imaginative screen world and the historical world onto which it is projected. Beginning with his essay "Reu ...

نویسندهTony Proctor